Tesla Semi rival Nikola dubs future fleet as US’ ‘largest air purifiers’ amid hiring ramp



As the Tesla Semi continues to experience real-world testing in preparation for its first creation in 2019, competition startup firm Nikola Motor has claimed that its upcoming fleet will be the United States’ “largest air purifiers,” thanks to their hydrogen fuel cell programs. Nikola’s announcement comes amidst the company’s current initiatives to ramp its hiring activities for its facilities in Arizona.

No stranger to bold declarations on Twitter, Nikola noted that because of its vehicles’ hydrogen fuel cell system, its fleet of trucks would be able to wash out the air as they drive across America. At a subsequent tweet, the trucking startup additionally assured its social media followers that it doesn’t use methane to generate hydrogen. Rather, it utilizes a combination of solar, wind, and hydropower to create the hydrogen needed to power its forthcoming fleet.

Why is it that we enjoy hydrogen ? The Nikola fleet will be among the air purifiers in America daily. Envision 500,000 Nikola trucks driving in towns around America sucking dirty air and emitting nothing but fresh water. #emissionsgameover #dieselisdead

— Nikola Motor Company (@nikolamotor) October 24, 2018

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A following tweet in the company also gave a first look at the fuel cell that would be utilized for its Nikola One sleeper semi-trailer, in addition to that the Nikola Two daycab. The trucking startup and budding Tesla Semi rival further noted that a Nikola truck could have two 120 kW systems, which should supply its trucks with a substantial amount of power.

What an amazing Nikola fuel cell. This is the 120kW running through evaluations. Each truck has two X 120 KW systems. Prepare for some big news coming in these days as promised. This thing rocks and we could 't wait for the entire world to view it in action. pic.twitter.com/rLKx8oF8pM

— Nikola Motor Company (@nikolamotor) October 29, 2018

Recent reports have further revealed that Nikola is beginning to ramp its own hiring because it prepares to start creating its highly-anticipated hydrogen-electric truck. Since moving to the Phoenix region from Utah in July, the company has employed approximately 70 people in Chandler as it constructs its headquarters in Phoenix. By the conclusion of the calendar year, Nikola intends to have 100 employees, and by the end of 2019, the trucking startup will be trying to employ about 200 employees.

Nikola Motor primary legal officer Britton Worthen mentioned in a statement to AZ Central that it hopes to break ground on its projected 1 million-square-foot production plant in Coolidge, AZ, in about two years. In a discussion on Friday, the Nikola executive pointed out to Pinal County economic development officials that the upcoming facility could be complete in about five years. Over this time, Nikola also intends to start the expansion of its hydrogen fueling stations, and also the company expects will be the ‘greatest energy consumer’ in the US within the next ten years.

Nikola Motors isn’t a stranger to bold statements. Before this year, the company announced that it might be refunding all of the bookings it obtained for the Nikola One along with Nikola Two. Apparently throwing colour at Tesla, the trucking startup further noticed that it doesn’t “use (clients ’-RRB- cash to operate (its) company. ” Nikola has declared that it currently includes $11 billion in pre-production requests also.

The Nikola One truck. 

Over the last few months, though, Nikola began to embrace a more aggressive stance against Tesla. Before this year, the company registered a $2 billion litigation contrary to the electric automobile manufacturer, claiming that the Tesla Semi violated its design patents to the Nikola One. In its lawsuit, the vehicle startup alleged that the Tesla Semi replicated the Nikola One’s wraparound windshield, mid-entry door, front fenders, along with the electric vehicle ’therefore entire body. Additional the trucking startup maintained that the similar layouts of the Semi along with the One sets its reputation at risk, since Tesla has experienced “problems with its batteries starting fires along with its autonomous attributes causing fatal accidents. ”

Nikola’s patent lawsuit met a notable roadblock in August, though, as the US Patent Office awarded Tesla its design patents to the Tesla Semi, with all the US patent examiner even employing the Nikola One at the comparison point for the all-electric long-hauler. Therefore, if Nikola chooses to pursue its case against Tesla, it might have to prove that the US patent examiner made an error. Such a feat is extremely hard to accomplish.

Its legal goes against Tesla apart, Nikola is nonetheless setting the stage of a grand, three-day event in April 2019, that might comprise the unveiling of the pre-production versions of its hydrogen-electric trucks. A 2.3-megawatt hydrogen fueling station, that might act as a model for the organization ’s forthcoming network of H2 refilling stations, is also anticipated to be unveiled.

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