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Tesla Sentry Mode captures another keying incident, this time in Canada


Authorities in Surrey, British Columbia are trying to address another case of vandalism on Tesla vehicles. They are seeking help in identifying a defendant that keyed a Tesla Model 3 at September.

The keying occurred in a parking lot of a movie theatre and ice hockey restaurant at Surrey on September 15. Dannie Chang is the owner of this Tesla Model 3 that was keyed. He told Peace Arch News, “A man walked by my car and key scraped my left side front and rear doorway, he acted so obviously, it seems it’s not his first time of doing this. ”

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Chang uploaded two clips on YouTube of this moment if the keying took place. One s face clearly on cameraand another from the driver’s side of the vehicle. The man taking a key to both sides of the automobile is clearly shown by the next angle, and it appears that he applied.

He reported the incident to authorities and hopes that their attempts, in combination with the YouTube videos, may bring the offender to justice.

Sentry Mode assisted authorities in Broomfield, Colorado fix a case involving a vandalism situation in early October. With the support of one of the vehicle’s eight cameras, a girl who keyed a Tesla Model 3 has been identified and turned herself into police custody on October 3. Maria Elena Gimeno of Broomfield was charged with Felony Criminal Mischief after keying a Tesla Model 3 at a high school soccer game. Her act was seized by Tesla’s Sentry Mode cameras and also helped the Broomfield PD fix the situation within days.

Chang hopes that the movies will address his situation, but may make the issue aware for Tesla owners. “I just wish the defendant won’t even be doing this to other people,” Chang explained.

See the movies of Dannie Chang’s Tesla Model 3 being supplied below:

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