Tesla showcases Model S and Model 3’s stellar handling in Winter Experience event



Tesla has awarded a couple of lucky owners with a trip to Kemi, Finland to experience the high performance capabilities of the Model S and Model 3 vehicles to get its “Winter Experience 2019” occasion. A video shared with one of the winners gives a first look at the perks enjoyed by the event’s attendees.

Several Model S and Model 3 at the movie are seen parked out what could be the Kemi SnowCastle, a resort built from snow and ice annually in Finland, where Tesla’s guests were treated to a special dinner as part of the Winter Experience package. The all-electric sedans are also seen swerving through obstacle courses and taking laps around an ice track with an expert driver.

The winners of Tesla’s winter occasion were supplied with free travel, accommodation, and meals during their trip. The main event, however, was the ice track demonstration of the vehicles’ all-wheel-drive handling in winter conditions and Tesla’s Track Mode feature exclusive to the Model 3 Performance.

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Tesla’s all-wheel-drive electric cars are equipped with different features to enhance overall winter driving performance, primarily as a result of enhanced traction provided by digital torque control in the front and back wheels. This is prominent in the Model 3 Performance’s Track Mode, which includes increased regenerative braking, track-focused powertrain coolingsystem, and improved cornering to provide a whole track-centered experience that maximizes the motorist ’s controller during high-speed maneuvers.

The Winter Experience 2019 occasion comes amid Tesla’s constant push to saturate the European midsize sedan market with the Model 3. Recent activity indicates the California-based car maker is expecting a massive influx for the Model 3 Standard and Standard Plus versions that were launched earlier this month in the US. The $35,000 version of the electric car is estimated to reach European markets in about 6 weeks.

Model 3 owners who didn’t make it to Tesla’s Winter Experience 2019 occasion can still find other events for Model 3 Track Mode experience. A Tesla-exclusive racetrack occasion named Tesla Corsa is currently on its third round and is set to take place on March 31st at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in California. The event’s organizers aim to provide Tesla owners the chance to experience the all-electric performance benefits of the vehicles in a safe, controlled environment.

Tesla recently set a personal record for total number of combined vehicle sales in Norway, a country that could definitely benefit from the firm ’s vehicles’ winter features. Over 2,500 Model S, Model X, and Model 3 sold in the first three months of March this year, topping a previous record set in December 2017 when the electric car maker registered 2,461 Model S and Model X after a strong yearlong drive. Around 88% of Tesla March registrations in Norway have been around for the Model 3, a stat that certainly looks like a nod to its winter capabilities.

Watch the video shared with Danni Efraim below for highlights from Tesla’s Winter Experience 2019 below.

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