Tesla Sits Helplessly As Cameras Record Rear-End Collision



Maybe, one day, complete Level 5 autonomous technology will make it possible for cars to execute some sort of evasive maneuver to avoid becoming rear-ended – but, until then, things in this way will inevitably occur.

However, this episode involving a Tesla along with also an old Toyota Corolla is an ideal illustration of how valuable this type of feature is. Theoretically, also a scan of the surrounding area shows that it is safe to proceed, preventing such a crash and also in the event the car ’ s detectors can find a fast approaching vehicle from behind ought to be possible.

Because motorists aren ’ t paying enough attention until then, however, these crashes will just keep occurring, most of the times. In rare occassions, they might be experiencing health problems, but generally speaking, the major explanation is distracted driving.

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According to this video’s description, the driver of this Tesla wasn’t even though they couldn ’ t hurt speak on the condition of the Toyota driver.

“The sign light near the top of the street onramp was switching to stagger traffic and busy. As no attempt to stop or slow was made the vehicle seemed not to be careful to the signal or traffic. I don’t know if there have been any injuries. You can observe after mine had been hit the vehicle ahead of mine was hit by the offending vehicle. No life threatening injuries were sustained by me, although my car was rendered a complete loss. Two driver airbags were set upon the vehicle impact. ”

In the long run, we could only hope that the driver and any prospective occupants of that white Toyota made it out OK. It s a Fantastic thing the Corolla didn’t cut across multiple lanes of that freeway

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