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Tesla Slamming Into Concrete Median Is Part Autopilot, Part Driver’s Fault


Tesla’s Autopilot system is always being enhanced but it’s far from perfect, as the video below shows. And the same, to some extent, may be said about its driver.

In recent months, we’ve seen quite a few potential accidents being averted from the auto manufacturer’s innovative driving aid, but an unexpected shift in the road threw off this Model S’ system.

Since the electric sedan was cruising down a motorway in the United States, the lane it was traveling together briefly curved to the right as some construction was going on. Look closely at the lane and you’ll notice that the yellow lane marking to the left abruptly angles off to the right and a couple of dozen feet in front of it, there’s a concrete median barrier.

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But, the Autopilot system failed to notice that the lane marking had transferred and appears to think that the edge of the road is still the lane marking. As a result, it slams into the median.

The car sustained a rather hefty bulge, damaging the paintwork and wrecking the passenger-side front wheel. Ironically, if the driver was paying attention instead of relying solely on the semi-autonomous function, the crash could have been easily avoided.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Tesla careen into a concrete barrier on a motorway. A month before, a video surfaced of a Model 3 doing to the same, but it remains to be seen if the Autopilot system of the car was engaged at the time of the collision.

In any case, despite its name, Autopilot is not a fully autonomous, Level 4-capable, system and needs a driver that pays attention to the road at all times and takes control when necessary. This is something that has been stressed many times, but somehow the message doesn’t appear to get through.

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