Tesla starts exporting Model 3 from Gigafactory Shanghai



It appears that Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has begun exporting its locally-made Model 3 to Europe. Back in September 2020the all-electric automobile maker began preparations in Giga Shanghai to produce Model 3 vehicles optimized for export from Asia as well as the European region.

Tesla’s intends to export the China-made Model 3 from its Shanghai center were slated to begin in the fourth quarter along with the EV automaker seems to have begun exporting the Model 3 right on schedule.

According to Greendrive, a client in Europe was the very first to affirm Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 exports had formally started. The stated client purchased a  Model 3 SR+ using a stock plateau and noticed his bill stated “Model 3 – China. ”

The prospective Model 3 proprietor double-checked the invoice for more hints. His Model 3’s VIN also seemed to support it would be arriving from Gigafactory Shanghai. The VIN read “LRW-XXXXXLCXXX. ” The “L” stood to its season his Model 3 would be created along with also the “C” stood for the nation it was coming out, which in this case stood for “China. ”

(Credit: Greendrive)

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Indications that Tesla was already sending its own China-made vehicles to other countries emerged when longtime drone-operator Wu Wa ran a flyover of Gigafactory Berlin. As can be found in their own footage, the gigantic centre ’s holding a lot were filled with Model 3s that had protective wraps.

This, detected Tesla owner-enthusiast Armand Vervaeck, suggested the Model 3s were being sent overseas, maybe even by railway. Wu Wa, for his part, affirmed to Teslarati the wrapped vehicles that he filmed were indeed intended to be exported to other countries.

The major difference between this Model 3 made in the Fremont Factory and Giga Shanghai are the vehicle’battery. The Fremont Factory-made Model 3 features nickel manganese cobalt cells (NMC) which have increased energy density. But, NMC batteries are more costly to create and they nevertheless contain cobalt, a rather controversial material.

Even the China-made Model 3 utilizes cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which have enabled Tesla to decrease the cost of its cheap sedan in Asia. Gigafactory Shanghai’s Model 3 became cheaper compared to its US-made counterpart earlier this month, partially due to its LFP batteries.

First batches of MIC Model 3's for Europe – The range of automobiles with protective garments from the parking space are limited because the car carriers will be transporting them to a different nearby parking space. Vlogger WuWa will earn a movie of the parking lot in a couple of times https://t.co/GhwkCfwzMA pic.twitter.com/mQWqZRTS2I

— Armand Vervaeck🎗 (@ArmandVervaeck) October 17, 2020

As of this writing, there haven’t been any reports of Tesla Giga Shanghai exporting Model 3 vehicles to other countries in Asia. News of China’s Model 3 exports to other countries in Asia and Europe could considerably increase Tesla’s client base and global reach.

Tesla introduced its Model 3 “refresh” last week with improved selection and performance. Some of the additional vehicles in Tesla’s S3XY line also got an array and performance increase. The electric-car manufacturer also reduced the starting price of this Model S, its flagship sedan, to $69,420, which makes it more sharply priced against its rivals.

Based on its recent updates, Tesla will not seem to be holding back anything this fourth quarter, and it seems to be revving up for a much more industry-shaking transfer. These plans could ultimately be the defining factor in the electrical automobile maker’s efforts at fulfilling its ambitious objective of bringing half a million automobiles this 2020.

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