Tesla Supercharger Network allows Model 3 owner to travel from NY to FL for less than $70



Among Tesla’s biggest benefits in the electric auto sector is arguably its Supercharger Network, which makes it possible for vehicles to recharge their batteries at a convenient, rapid, and affordable fashion. This was highlighted by a Model 3 owner who spent less than $70 at Supercharging fees throughout a two-day trip that spanned over 1,200 kilometers, in Buffalo, NY to Melbourne, FL. 

Tesla owner Richard Clements shared some tips regarding his 1,248-mile driveway in a recent article to the Tesla Owners Club New York State website . As stated by the Tesla proprietor the trip was not difficult at all, particularly considering that the Model 3 supplied all of the information necessary to make sure the vehicle always had sufficient control. 

Thanks to the Supercharger Network’s reasonable prices, the Model 3 owner only spent a mean of 0.25/kWh throughout the New York to Florida trip. This meant that during the course of the two-day drive, Clements simply spent a total of $69.96 at Supercharger fees. The Tesla owner noted that this sum was roughly half of what he had to spend when he was making the trip with his Jaguar or even CR-V. Even with low gas costs, Clements noted he would invest approximately $140 in gasoline expenses.  

Blog- Range Anxiety and Our Experience using a TeslaBy- Richard Clements”I often get questioned about how practical our @Tesla is for such long distance trips; “What happens when your battery runs out of charge? ” “How much time do you waste…. “Link- https://t.co/7XtmGwkxNy pic.twitter.com/UTNrW6SOzU

— Tesla Owners Club New York State (@TOCNewYorkState) January 5, 2021

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The Model 3’s total charging period at Tesla Superchargers stood about 207 minutes, though 40 minutes of this was done at a hotel, where Clements spent the night. With this in consideration, the Tesla owner noticed the charging period of the Model 3 was really only around 167 moments. According to his driving behavior, which entails stopping for bathroom and food breaks each 3.5 hours or so, the Tesla owner noted the Model 3’s time was similar to his previous ICE vehicles

“To earn a legitimate time comparison though, our Supercharging period at Wytheville VA was done right from the parking lot of the hotel where we were spending the night, to ensure charging period had no effect on our overall travel time. Deducting these 40 minutes makes the effective time 167 moments. To make a legitimate comparison, there needs to be a while on a trip such as this. Any ICE automobile still needs about 10 minutes to refuel a minimum of three days on a trip about 1,250 miles, therefore by my quote which ’s 30 seconds .  

“Also, as a practical matter, we don’t normally last more than 3.5 hours without a need for pipes or something to eat, so we’d likewise be quitting for a few foods … Assuming lunch along with other miscellaneous breaks in our Florida rush, that would readily account for approximately another 2 hours of downtime. So incorporating those two hours to the gasoline refueling period, the total will be 160 minutes. That contrasts to the 167 moments in our Tesla–just an insignificant 7 minute’s difference,” Clements concluded. 

Tesla’s collapse of its Supercharger Network would likely accelerate this season, particularly as the company evolves back on the growth of its V3 Automobiles across the United States. Overseas, Tesla’s charging network can be making waves, with the electric car maker establishing a dedicated Supercharger factory only a couple of kilometers from Gigafactory Shanghai. The facility is expected to have an output of 10,000 Superchargers each year. 

Clements’ complete account of his sub-$70, 1,248-mile push from Buffalo, NY to Melbourne, FL may be obtained here

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