Tesla Superchargers in Taiwan get blocking devices to prevent ICE-ing incidents



Tesla Taiwan appears to have figured out a clever solution to stop Superchargers from getting blocked (intentionally or unintentionally) by fossil fuel-powered vehicles. In a movie the electrical vehicle maker is seen using ground locks to ensure that only Tesla vehicles could get a Supercharger.

A movie of the system in action was shared with the Tesla Owners Taiwan set on Twitter. In their article, the group noted that the Supercharger ground locks have been fitted using a camera that identifies a Tesla electric vehicle via its license plate since the car is backing up. Upon identification, the ground lock will promptly unlock and reduced itself, allowing the Tesla to acquire access to the charging station.

Tesla Taiwan testing out new supercharger ground locks solution to fix ICE issues. A camera defines the Tesla through plate amount as the car backs up and unlocks. @elonmusk @tesla pic.twitter.com/tFU1twMBdg

— Tesla Owners Taiwan (@TeslaOwnersTwn) February 14, 2019

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Tesla China used a similar system a month to stop ICE-ing episodes. As could be understood in previous social media posts from Chinese Tesla owners, the method utilized locks that could be unlocked through QR codes. Between the two systems, Tesla Taiwan’s solution appears to be a bit more handy, considering that the Supercharger lock itself determines if a car is still a Tesla or perhaps not.

In China here is our creative solution to the ICEing issue. Nicely done to Tesla China for this solution. Mostly all the new Tesla Supercharger Station have all those set up. Takes less than one minute of the time. #Tesla #TeslaChina #ICEing pic.twitter.com/gBPXVoORxU

— JayinShanghai (@ShanghaiJayin) January 13, 2019

A comparison of the two systems shows Tesla Taiwan’s locks becoming a bit taller than those utilized in China. This makes them more successful, as they can deter vehicles using higher ground clearance, like SUVs and pickup trucks. Obviously, Tesla Taiwan’s system isn’t foolproof, as the ground locks could be easily driven over by owners of vehicles that are raised. Nevertheless, the presence of the locks will discourage many of would-be ICE-ers to think twice before parking on a Supercharger place.

View from inside car pic.twitter.com/fpTqbIPcfS

— Tesla Owners Taiwan (@TeslaOwnersTwn) February 14, 2019

Such Supercharger lock techniques seem to be utilized in territories beyond the United States for now. Contemplating the rising amount of ICE-ing incidents in the US, it might be a great idea to allow Tesla to implement a system that is similar in areas. Granted, such a method would not stop ICE-ing episodes completely, but it would decrease the amount of Superchargers significantly.

Incidents of Supercharger ICE-ing, wherein a fossil fuel-powered automobile blocks a charging station (intentionally or unintentionally) are a prominent source of annoyance for the Tesla community for decades. While some ICE-ing episodes lead to errors or simple carelessness, reports from members of their electrical vehicle community over the past couple of months have suggested that some owners obstructing the EV charging stalls have been aggressive towards Tesla owners. All these anti-Tesla episodes escalated last month, when vandals almost attacked a Supercharger by partially severing wires, and afterwards, drilling throughout the stalls’ charging sticks.

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