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Tesla Tries, And Fails, To Reinvent The Steering Wheel With Its Yoke


A yoke replacement the steering wheel is definitely among the strangest characteristics of the newly updated Tesla Model S and Model X (along with that the absence of a gear selector), and lastly, we’ve got the very first videos of folks using it in real-life driving scenarios.

Round steering wheels have been around for at least a century so it’s completely normal for motorists to feel uneasy when they first watch the cut-off shape of their yoke. After all, moreover Formula 1, the single time we encounter similar kinds of driving controls is in sci-fi films or TV series such as “Knight Rider”.

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Allowing aside the visual aspect and the cool factor of the yoke, the most important purpose of criticism concerns its viability. Steering wheels are round because they’re the ideal solution for, and well, steering the automobile in all kinds of scenarios. When flat-bottomed steering wheels became the norm for mainstream cars a few years back, there were several voices against this tendency since grabbing them turning was a little cumbersome. So, cutting off the leading makes driving even harder.

As you could imagine, the movies prove that the yoke needs some time to become used to. While lane changes are done with no issues, the view of the electronic device cluster is unobstructed and the designers have integrated the turn signals on the yoke, matters aren’t quite as eloquent in tight turns.

The driver’s palms cross with one another too often and we could ’t help but feel insecure whenever the yoke yields to its normal position after a U-turn. A component of this perhaps has to do with all the new factor of the design, as owners can slowly get used to the yoke’s shape. In the end of the evening though, everyone admits that a round thing will always be much a lot easier to turn than a rectangle.

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As Jalopnik suggests, yokes could be ideal for racing cars (and spaceships) but they’re less than ideal for everyday driving. As reported by a Tesla Model S proprietor, the yoke has 2.25 works from lock-to-lock, and it will be approximately 800 levels. This number is far from the maximum of 300-400 levels in modern F1 cars and nearer to the 900 levels of a regular automobile.

So could you spec your car with a yoke if this was an option? The movies may help you make up your mind. In any case, Tesla can also be offering a round steering wheel option concealed in the configurator hence buyers of this updated Model S and Model X could enjoy the freedom of selection.

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