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Tesla Wants Apple’s Help In Lawsuit Against Employee Who Went To Xpeng


Tesla is looking for help from Apple since it provokes legal action contrary to a former engineer who supposedly took thousands of highly confidential documents from the firm when he began working for Chinese automaker Xpeng.

Bloomberg accounts that from the lawsuit, Tesla wants to find that the engineer’s mails and have a forensic analysis conducted on his digital devices. Tesla has served Apple using a subpoena as part of its ongoing legal action and as the lawsuit doesn’t say specifically what it needs from the world’s most valuable public company, the two manufacturers have a frequent enemy at Xpeng.

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In July 2018, prosecutors charged a former hardware engineer from Apple’s autonomous vehicle development team of downloading proprietary documents as he prepared to depart the company and work for Xpeng.

Attorneys for the former engineer being pursued by Tesla, Guangzhi Cao, have acknowledged that the man downloaded copies of this Californian automaker’s Autopilot-related source code for his personal iCloud accounts but denies any wrongdoing. The attorneys state that he “has achieved nothing using Tesla’s IP” & &; rdquo; faithfully and earnestly & ldquo; attempted to wash all of Tesla’s source code from his personal devices.

Xpeng itself hasn’t really been accused of wrongdoing from Apple or even Tesla and denies any involvement. As stated by the firm, it stopped the former Apple engineer once it had been advised that U.S. authorities were investigating the man, confirming that his office and computer equipment were secured and that he was immediately denied access to his job.

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