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Tesla will deliver in-car YouTube and Netflix video streaming ‘soon’


Tesla is getting ready to “soon” deliver a number of video streaming services that CEO Elon Musk proposed would eventually arrive at the automaker’s cars. Musk shared this (slightly vague) updated timeline on Twitter on the weekend, even after noting previously in June in E3 that Tesla’s infotainment screens would eventually be getting YouTube and streaming movie service .

Additionally, this is the first time Musk has expressly said both YouTube and Netflix would be arriving, after previously noting that version 10 of those in-car applications would support video streaming generally in reply to a question by a fan on Twitter. Musk added these will be accessible to stream movie while the car is stopped — but the plan is to change that after full self-driving becomes a reality.

Once autonomous driving capacities are ” Musk explained , the strategy is to turn the ability while it’s in motion. This strategy probably extends to Tesla’s in-car gaming attributes, also — though ’s a separate amount of distraction as you’re actually interacting with what’s occurring on the screen, which might not be the best idea for initial roll-out of autonomous features where a driver might be required to take more manual control in the event of any incidents.

The Tesla CEO stated the experience of viewing movie on Netflix and YouTube in a Tesla automobile is akin to “a old-school drive-in movie experience, but with better sound” and it has an “immersive, cinematic feel” thanks to this surround audio available via the Tesla’s audio system and its “cozy seats. ”

It might appear to be a weird software update priority to get a vehicle, however it’s entirely possible Tesla owners invested on their vehicles they don’t have spare cash for a specific speech, in the event a entertainment system for their little apartment actually makes a good deal of sense.

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