Tesla will not “refresh” its Model S or Model X electric vehicles



Tesla owners and clients hoping to get a refreshed Model S T or Model X are likely to be waiting indefinitely. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Monday night that there will not be any “refreshed” Model X or Model S coming.

In automotive talk, refreshed typically means small revisions to a car model that extend beyond the typical yearly updates created by manufacturers. A refresh isn’t a significant redesign, although there’therefore a noticeable shift to the car version.

The business is going to make minor continuing modifications to the luxury electric auto and sport utility car, Musk said. 1 recent instance is Tesla has taken the Model 3 rear drive unit since the front drive unit at the S and X. That shift went into manufacturing three months before, Musk said from the tweet.

There’s not any “refreshed” Model X or Model S coming, just a set of minor continuing changes. Most significant shift in past couple of years would be to utilize premium efficiency Model 3 rear drive unit since S/X front drive unit. That went into generation 3 months ago.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 9, 2019

Musk added which the interior of this Model S and Model X will remain the same. There’been speculation that Tesla would eventually alter the X and S interiors to match the newer Model 3.

The S and X are sticking around, however. Tesla won’t stop either version for the time being, based on Musk when requested via Twitter in case the business would get rid of the S and X along with fresh release new version lines for “anticipated full self-driving capabilities. ”

It’s unclear whether Tesla will gradually phase out its flagship S and its complicated Xwhich Musk once described as an act of hubris. Neither automobile garners as many sales as its counterpart, the Model 3. Tesla delivered 17,650 Model S and X automobiles in contrast to 77,550 Model 3s in the next quarter.

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