Tesla’s batteries, Autopilot data, and Hardware 3 will be an edge in 2019: fund manager



There are occasions when something becomes so clearly evident; it becomes hard to ignore. For a lot of Tesla’s longtime critics, then this would be the company’s lead in the EV industry. Tesla demonstrated that it might compete at the auto market in 2018. According to a fund manager who overcome the markets this past year, though, 2019 could be a year in which the gap between Tesla and its rivals would expand even further.

ARK Invest creator and CEO Catherine Wood was recently featured on a segment of CNBC’s Fast Money. Throughout her physical look, the ARK CEO, that holds an almost unreal $4000 long-term price goal for Tesla, was requested if the influx of electric automobiles from conventional automakers would be a issue for the Silicon Valley-based carmaker. Wood mentioned that such a scenario would be unlikely this season, because Tesla holds three special advantages over its rivals.

“We think that the transportation market is going to shift wholesale to electric, and Tesla is before the bunch,” she said.

Wood later explained that Tesla’s advantages come from its own capacity to make battery cells because of its own vehicles such as the Model 3, thanks to the Nevada Gigafactory and its venture with Panasonic. The ARK creator also mentioned that Tesla’s use of cylindrical ion battery cells advantages the electric automobile maker’s financing, since most competitors from legacy auto are prone to using lithium-ion pouch cellsthat are generally more costly.

“Tesla is riding down the customer electronics price curve, which is much, much lesser compared to lithium pouch. They’ve completed an wonderful thing from a technology point of view no one else thought was possible. That puts them way before the game,” Wood explained.

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Aside from its edge in batteries, the ARK Invest CEO pointed out that Tesla’s growth of its customized made hardware along with the company’s tendency to continuously innovate would play an integral part in establishing its lead in the EV industry. Wood notes that other carmakers would likely rely on the hardware of companies such as NVIDIA, that can be strong but follow a more conservative layout cadence of 3-5 decades. As such, it would be tricky to capture Tesla’s pace of in-house innovation. 

Lastly, the fund manager said that Tesla’s countless real world Autopilot miles also gives the company an edge over rivals. This data, Wood noted, is ultimately what will power an autonomous vehicle later on. In this respect, Tesla is the undisputed leader, with the company announcing late November that the fleet has driven over 1 billion miles around Autopilot. Here is something which other self-driving auto companies including Waymo or Cruise Automation doesn’t have.

This particular edge was mentioned earlier by Nidhi Kalra, also a senior information scientist for the RAND Corporation. Before addressing Waymo’s automobiles, that have racked up countless miles in simulator, Kalra noted there is not any substitute for data accumulated in real roads.

“The issue with any simulation is it’s a simplification of the real world. Even when it arouses the world accurately if all you’re mimicking is a sunny day at Mountain View with not any visitors, then what is the value of doing a billion miles on the same cul-de-sac at Mountain View? I’m not saying ’s everything anyone’s doing, but with no info, we could ’t understand what a billion miles really signifies. Real-world miles really, really thing. That’s where, literally, the rubber meets the road, also now there ’s no replacement for it,” he explained.

In a sense, though, the development of rival electric automobiles bodes well for Tesla. Elon Musk himself, in the end, admits that the business exists to accelerate the arrival of sustainable energy. At a recent look at CBS’ 60 Minutes alone, Musk boldly said that he doesn’t even mind if Tesla gets beaten by a company that creates superior electric vehicles.

“If someone comes and creates a far greater electric car than Tesla, and it’so far better than ours we could ’t promote our automobiles, and we go broke, and I still think that’s good thing for the entire world. The entire purpose of Tesla is to accelerate the arrival of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. We’re attempting to help the environment; we think it’s the very serious problem that humankind faces,” he explained.

For the time being, though, Wall Street seems to be appearing at Tesla with certainty. As of writing, Tesla stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) is upwards 3.99percent at $347.74 per share.

Disclosure: I have no ownership in shares of TSLA and have no plans to commence some places within 72 hours.

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