Tesla’s decision to scrap its PR department could create a PR nightmare



Ayelet Noff

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Ayelet Noff is the creator and CEO of both SlicedBrand, a top global PR agency headquartered at Berlin.

A strong public relations team solves many issues within a firm.

It helps spread important news announcements and issues integral to a company’s success. It communicates with the press in a timely manner to ensure accurate protection and control the conversation. It builds a state of trust and involvement that propels a company’s vision and targets ahead. Unless of course that provider is currently Tesla, in which situation it needs none of this.

According to numerous internal resources confirmed by automotive blog Electrik, Tesla was slowly dissolving its inner PR department over the course of this year, leaving the only real voice of this firm its creator, Elon Musk.

If true, this can be a perplexing choice by Musk and the decision-makers at Tesla.

This produces for Tesla is a black hole of data coming from the business. Truth will be obfuscated whether there’s absolutely no official position on anything occurs in the news. For example, consider the current instances of self-driving collisions or a roof flying away from a brand new vehicle .

Or last month, when there was a significant outage in Tesla vehicles, the press has been compelled to speculate. There’s no longer a PR section to reply to those events. It seems that Tesla has adopted a crisis management plan that seems to believe that the most appropriate course of action would be to dismiss future crises and they will only go away on their own. Regrettably for Tesla, actual life doesn’t feel just like this.

Tesla undergone an abysmal community outage early Wednesday

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