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Tesla’s Elon Musk shares his optimism for new US administration


Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears quite optimistic concerning the new Biden government ’s environmental priorities, noting in a lengthy phone interview with Fortune a week that he is “fired up” regarding the country’s renewed attention on climate issues. During his interview, Musk spoke about why he is enthused about the Biden administration, his breakup with the Trump administration, along with his hopes for the near future. 

Musk noted that he is very happy about the shift at the White House, especially President Joe Biden’s overt stance about combating climate change. This is a notable break from the stance of the Trump administration, which required a number of measures and passed on initiatives which pushed the pro-climate agenda on the side. “I’m fired up that the new administration is focused on climate,” Musk explained, noting that he is closely watching the president’s moves. 

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“I feel this is fantastic. I feel very optimistic regarding the future of sustainable energy with all the new administration. We ought to get complacent or something, but the wind is in our rear for solving the climate crisis with all the new administration,” Musk said. 

Apart from sharing his thoughts about the Biden administration, Musk also spoke his short stint as part of former US President Donald Trump’s economic advisory board and on his manufacturing jobs initiative . Musk ultimately left those planks after Trump declared that he was pulling from the Paris Agreement on climate change. This move, according to Musk, has been the last straw for him, particularly considering that he is in the heart of the planet ’s leading EV company. 

“I said… it’s essential that we tackle the climate crisis and everything. I took him pretty much at his word, that he would actually mean it,” Musk said. 

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The Tesla CEO said that he is presently awaiting get involved as the new US president rolls out and implements comprehensive environmental coverages, such as a concentrate on electrical vehicles. This became a crucial focus lately as Biden declared his intentions to use all-electric automobiles as vehicles to the US government. In his announcement, Biden noted that the initiative will probably create about 1 million autoworker jobs in clean energy. 

Musk said that he’s “not wished tordquo; hit from the brand newest US president yet. However, that the CEO did notice that his aides are currently in contact with the White House since Tesla knows a good deal of pro-environment people that the Biden administration is bringing in its fold. “My team, being really pro-environment, they know a whole lot of individuals that Biden is earning,” Musk explained, including that “we’ll do our very best to be valuable to the new administration connected to climate. ”

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