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Tesla’s Europe Gigafactory to begin production of Model Y and Model 3 in 2021


Tesla’s plans for Gigafactory 4 in Germany are getting more concrete after the approval process from the Ministry of Environment started on January 3. After the conclusion of GF4’s construction phase, 150,000 Model Y and Model 3 vehicles are predicted to be generated beginning in July 2021.

Deadlines set by Tesla indicate that the business will start producing cars by July 2021, according to the Brandenburg Gazette, and Environmental Minister Axel Vogel is convinced that they will satisfy this goal. “Everything is going according to plan.

Tesla plans to start building on Gigafactory 4 over the initial six months of 2020. The company is intending to create of 3,000 Model Y crossovers and Model 3 sedans a week at the European Gigafactory to begin, prior to ramping manufacturing.

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This figure is considerably greater than the original production speeds at any other Tesla manufacturing facility on the planet, such as Gigafactory 3 at Shanghai, which started the Made-in-China Model 3’s mass production at a speed of approximately 1,000 vehicles per week. This means a hefty manufacturing team is going to be needed at Gigafactory 4 and Tesla has already advertised 35 tasks on its own website to fill in key tasks for the upcoming facility. Originally, Tesla will hire 3,000 people but may boost that number.

Gigafactory 4 will sit that Tesla recently bought from landowners after a contract negotiation. Teams are on the land for many weeks preparing to the clearing of this property . Tesla has announced that twice as many trees will be planted by the company while preparing the lot in the surrounding regions, as it blows off.

Tesla released its Q4 statistics on January 3 and reported 112,000 total cars were sent globally with 92,550 of them function as Model 3. After crushing their previous year numbers by 50%, it’s wholly evident that Tesla has grown a lot in the previous twelve months. After Gigafactory 3 has ramped creation of this Model 3 to around 1,500 units a week, the electrical car maker appears intent on focusing a lot of its power and resources bringing Gigafactory 4 into life whenever possible.

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