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Tesla’s Grohmann Automation site is undergoing a Giga Berlin-esque expansion


Something very exciting seems to be occurring at the Tesla Grohmann Automation website in Prüm, Germany. Based on recent videos and images taken of the area, an expansion is currently underway at the Grohmann site. Interestingly , the upcoming facility appears to be utilizing prefabricated concrete substances, similar to Gigafactory Berlin. 

Last week, Tesla Model 3 owner and EV urge @Humpidumpi2 went for a driveway to Prüm, in which the Grohmann Automation centre is located. Upon arriving at the site, the Tesla owner was very surprised to see that a building project currently underway in a region formerly utilized as a parking lot for the facility’s workers. However, the site was empty then, as the Model 3 owner visited the area on a Sunday. 

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Returning into the Tesla Grohmann Automation site, that the Model 3 owner managed to talk with safety staff, who noted that the building work is indeed an growth of the Tesla Grohmann facility. This bodes very well for Tesla’s ongoing ramp, watching as Grohmann Automation produces valuable machines employed by the business for its vehicles and batteries. The growth of this Prüm site could be seen as a hint that Tesla is aiming to get a much more aggressive ramp in the near future. 

What’s even more intriguing in the recent movies and images out of Tesla’s Grohman Automation site was the existence of elements that appear to function as prefabricated concrete pillars, similar to those used in Gigafactory Berlin. Considering prefabricated buildings have been designed to be constructed immediately, there appears to be a fairly good probability that the growth of this Tesla Grohmann facility could be completed rapidly.  

While Tesla has not issued a definite announcement about the work ongoing at its Grohmann Automation site, the company is ramping its efforts to recruit additional workers for the site. Tesla’s Careers page currently has 46 job openings along with also the official Grohmann Automation website has 35 job listings to your Prüm, Germany site. 

Tesla is aggressively growing its own operations, and the company has plans to maintain this breakneck speed for the next several years. With facilities being set up in many places like Brandenburg and Texas, and also other websites likely to be launched in the next several years, Tesla Grohmann Automation will likely be very active for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, a growth of this Prüm site definitely is logical. 

Check out a video of this Tesla Grohmann Automation website in the video below. 

New Construction operates at Tesla Grohmann Automation in Prüm, Germany.The columns look familiar with people from GigaBerlin pic.twitter.com/WxCIMejzqe

🔋Humpidumpi 🔋 (@Humpidumpi2) April 25, 2021

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