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Tesla’s Hardware 3 computer frightens legacy auto after Model 3 teardown: ‘We cannot do it’


A teardown of the Tesla Model 3 by Nikkei Business Publications simply sent a shiver through the backbone of legacy automakers. Depending on the findings of the teardown, it’s becoming clear that the organization ’so tech is on an entirely different level compared to the electronic equipment employed by veteran automakers today, and a lot of it has to do with Tesla’s habit Full Self-Driving pc. 

After a thorough analysis of the Model 3an engineer who works at a major Japanese automaker noted there was simply no way for some other carmakers to match Tesla&rsquolevel of tech. “We can’t take action,” the engineer confessed

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving pc called Hardware 3, also includes a custom made design from the electric vehicle manufacturer that makes the unit optimized for autonomous driving applications. At the crux of the FSD pc are two 260 sq mm AI chips, which were created by Tesla with the support of chip designer and Apple alumni Pete Bannon. 

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Nikkei notes that Tesla’s platform, which includes a powerful computer at the center of the automobile, will probably be crucial to the next generation of cars. Tomorrow’s vehicles will call for enough computing power to deal with considerable quantities of data, particularly with the arrival of complete self-driving cars. 

Considering that industry insiders expect cars to take hold about 2025, also considering that Tesla has started devoting HW3 to its car lineup in 2019, the Silicon Valley-based electric automobile manufacturer may have beaten its experienced rivals by a six years. And rsquo & that;s on the hardware front. Tesla’s real life data direct will probably be a difference-maker as well. 

Finally, Nikkei noticed that its Model 3 teardown revealed one thing: Tesla’s lead in technology is partly due to the provider not being tied down to traditional supply chains. The publication noted that when traditional automakers embrace a similar strategy as Tesla today, they’d have to drastically cut the number of electronic control units that they use in their vehicles. This could result in enormous blows to supply chains that vehicle-makers rely upon. 

Unlike veteran car companies, Nikkei discovered that the majority of Tesla’therefore components on its own automobiles bear the logo of the business, not a provider. This proves that the provider isn’t shackled making the business free to pursue the best technologies available. This also allows Tesla to get control over its cars and how they function. This liberty, as it happens, is something that can give the firm an advantage in the industry. 

And for some specialists, this is beginning to be a frightening thought. 

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