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Tesla’s in-car touchscreens are getting YouTube support


Tesla has consistently been adding software to the in-car touchscreen infotainment screens — including sometimes things that probably leave a great deal of people scratching their heads. During a unique Q&A today at yearly gaming event E3 in LA, Tesla CEO Elon Musk demonstrated that Tesla’s in-car screen will support YouTube someday soon.

This isn’t the very first time that the Tesla CEO has implied YouTube may one day have a home in the business ’s automobiles: In response to some fan’s query on Twitter past August he noticed that version 10 of this company’s in-car software would offer support for third-party video streaming. The business introduced its Software Version 9.0 last year.

Musk specifically said YouTube will be coming to automobiles throughout the E3 event today, at which he revealed that Bethesda’s Fallout 3 will be arriving to the infotainment screens , and introduced a demonstration video of Android game Beach Buggy Racer running onto a screen in a Tesla Model 3.

In a recent podcast, the Tesla CEO also said the firm would believe opening the stage more broadly to third-party developers for both games and apps. The business has done a lot on its own to incorporate software “Easter Eggs” to the dashboard screen, but turning it into a true platform is a much more challenging vision.

On its surface, adding to a car attention-heavy apps such as streaming video services definitely seems counterintuitive, but to be fair for Tesla, a high number of drivers today use their phones for in-car navigation and those can also all technically exhibit YouTube at any time. It does look as a situation of Musk’s mind racing ahead to a day if his automobiles are wholly autonomous, something that he reiterated he expects to occur within the next few decades .

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