Tesla’s largest V3 Supercharger facility is coming to Santa Monica



Tesla is planning to launch the world’s largest V3 Supercharging station in Santa Monica, California. Documents from Santa Monica’s Planning Commission reveal a 62 stall Supercharging station, comprised completely of Tesla’s super-fast V3 chargers and an owner lounge, is planned for the area of 1401 and 1421-1425 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The Planning Commission will vote on Wednesday, March 3rd.

Currently a series of abandoned and empty parking lots in the midst of several gas-powered car lots, the two empty plots of land could soon become one of Tesla’s largest Supercharging stations in the world. According to the City of Santa Monica Planning Commission, Tesla has applied for the approval of a Conditional Use Permit, which the City Commission will vote to approve the construction and subsequent operation of a 62 stall “recharging facility with solar canopies, restrooms, and support equipment split between two project sites.”

It will be the largest V3 Supercharging station in the world, but it will not have as many stalls as the 72 stall Shanghai Supercharging station in China. However, these Superchargers are only V2, meaning peak rates of 150 kW trail the possible 250 kW rates that could be available to owners in Santa Monica. The largest current V3 Supercharging station in the world is located in Firebaugh, California, and offers 56 stalls, all V3.

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1401 Santa Monica Boulevard

The lot located at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard will contain the bulk of the Supercharger stalls: 36 of them to be exact. Powered by several Tesla solar panel canopies, four rows of Supercharger stalls will be available on this lot. With a majority of the spaces being a standard 9-foot width, some are as wide as 12 feet, which could hint toward the introduction of more Cybertruck-focused parking spaces as new Supercharging lots are built.

The plans for the 36 Stall Supercharger lot at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. (Santa Monica Planning Commission)

According to documents, this lot will be powered by a Tesla Megapack with a power rating of 1264.5 kW and an energy rating of 2,529 kWh. Along with the 36 V3 Superchargers, a bathroom facility will be located in this lot, giving owners an indoor lavatory

1421-1425 Santa Monica Boulevard

The second lot, located to the right of 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard, will house 26 additional V3 Superchargers, according to another document. Several of the spaces in this lot are also various widths, making way for the possibility of Cybertruck-specific parking spaces as Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger fleet.

According to the City of Santa Monica’s March 3rd Meeting Agenda, the possible Supercharger facility’s vote is one of two issues that will be discussed. The other is concerning an unrelated matter. However, the meeting will be available to watch in a live stream located here, tomorrow at 5:30 PM PST.

A summary of the project is available below.

Tesla V3 Superchargers at 1401 and 1421-1425 Santa Monica Blvd. by Joey Klender on Scribd

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