Tesla’s Model Y production robots in Gigafactory Texas are coming alive



Tesla Gigafactory Texas might not be generating Model Ys however, however, the facility already seems to be analyzing its production equipment. Not long after movies of the mill ’s Giga Press machines have been shared on the web, a short clip of the mill ’s generation robots in activity was also shared on social networking. 

The clip had been obtained and shared by @DriveTeslaCa, which published the section on Twitter. The movie was quite brief and it revealed what seemed to be a partly completed part of Gigafactory Texas’ inside. Many robots might be seen operating in the region, indicating that the machines may be undergoing trial surgeries for the time being. 

Good NEWS!! Video found by @DriveTeslaca was shot inside of Tesla Giga Texas and shows that testing has likely begun for the version Y production line robots! (I’t analyzed it to slow it down, showing there are several robots within this area) @elonmusk @JohnnaCrider1 @ResidentSponge pic.twitter.com/6qE1K6sbyr

— Tesla Owners of Austin (@AustinTeslaClub) June 7, 2021

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The growth of Gigafactory Texas has been incredibly fast, with the job ’s phase apparently approaching conclusion despite being less than a year ago into its construction. Since last month, trial runs on their Model Y’s front megacasts working with the centre ’s Giga Press machines have been recorded on film. Stacks of megacasts for the all-electric crossover’s front underbody have also been sighted across the center. 

With Tesla now apparently conducting test runs in Giga Texas’ Model Y production line, the first buildout of the all-electric crossover in the new factory might be closer than expected. Giga Shanghai, which also completed its first phase in less than a year, only took a couple of months in the installation of its production robots to actual Model 3 generation. This is something that was hinted at by Elon Musk, who noticed that the Model Y from Texas would watch limited volume production later this season. 

The Tesla Model Y is still a rather understated automobile, but it arguably holds the most possible. Competing from the popular and lucrative crossover market, the Model Y could definitively help transition Tesla into a mainstream automaker. Elon Musk himself has spoken highly of the Model Y, imagining in the prior earnings call the automobile could finally develop into the best-selling car in the world, bar none, in the not too distant future. “When it comes in Model Y, we think Model Y is going to be the best selling car or automobile of any kind in the world and probably next year,” he explained. 

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