Tesla’s Musk confirms Navigation Waypoints for custom roadtrips



Tesla CEO Elon Musk has buckled to the peer pressure of his fans and verified that the electrical automaker would allow custom navigation waypoints on the GPS. The addition of this feature will make it possible for drivers to restrain the path they choose for their destination, instead of having only the most efficient one given to them by their car or truck.

After repeated requests from owners, Musk finally surfaced and said, “Fine, we’ll take action already,” at a Tweet for his nearly 39 million Twitter followers.

Credit: Elon Musk | Twitter
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For a while now, Tesla fans have asked the habit waypoints feature from Elon Musk. The petition has been denied over the decades since the GPS performance within Tesla’s cars is already made to decide on the most effective path for drivers.

1 instance of Musk’s bluntness about the topic came just a day after Christmas at 2019 when Tesla Owners Silicon Valley asked the CEO if several destinations on one trip through waypoints might be added to the GPS.

Musk wasn’t seeking to play with Santa Claus and just stated “No” to the petition.

Credit: Twitter | Elon Musk

Ever since then, Tesla owners and fans have continued to drive for the featured to be included. Waypoints allow drivers to select custom stops on the road to a final destination. As an instance, if one were traveling out of Central Park to One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan and wanted to have a string of stops in route, the driver would have the capacity to accomplish this.

They might prevent in Times Square, then go West to the Chelsea Piers, and back East to Midtown. This route would essentially work as a trip of New York, instead of a highly efficient and straight-line path from the Park to the tallest construction in the Big Apple.

An Illustration of what Tesla Waypoints would seem like using Google Maps (Credit: Google Maps)

While this wouldn’t be the most effective means to travel, it would provide drivers that the customization to restrain the path they move on. At times the quickest route is not the most scenic, nor can it be the most fun to drive. The accession of Waypoints definitely adds another fun role to the adventure of driving a Tesla.

Finally, Musk’s compliance with adding the Waypoints is just another example of the CEO listening to what the customers need. Not only has he added a vast number of new attributes based on the needs and needs of real life drivers, but they have to do with making the cars more fun and flexible for most owners. Roadtrips at Teslas are certain to be revolutionized with the accession of this purpose, and we’re finally getting a function that they’ve beg for following nearly a year of requesting.

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