Tesla’s Powerpack farm in South Australia is about to get 50% larger



Tesla’s battery South Australia, which was conceived after a bet involving billionaires Mike Cannon-Brookes along with Elon Musk to assist the region is going to get a good deal larger. In a recent press launch , Neoen verified that the Hornsdale Power Reserve will likely soon be getting a 50 MW/64.5 MWh growth, causing the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery growing by another 50 percent. 

The growth of the massive Tesla Powerpack farm will enable the battery installation to expand its solutions to supplying electronic or “virtual” inertia into the grid. This is an integral service that, before the impending Powerpack growth, has been delivered solely by synchronous machines, which are typically powered by coal, gas, or hydro. Once done, the 50 MW/64.5 MWh improvement will be capable of supplying 3,000 “megawatt moments,” roughly 50 percent of the country ’s inertia requirements. 

While the installation of the Hornsdale Power Reserve was pushed primarily from the attempts of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, the growth of the South Australia big battery has been poised to get the full backing of the local government. The South Australian government, for one, is committing AUD 3 million (USD 2 million) into the job yearly for five years from grant funds through its Grid-Scale Storage Fund. 

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The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has also dedicated AUD 8 million (USD 5.46 million) in grant funds through its Advancing Renewables Program. Additional the Powerpack farm expansion is going to be the first major battery job that would gain from debt funding support in the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). 

Before Neoen’s official confirmation, sightings of Powerpack units being transported to the Hornsdale Power Reserve region have been reported throughout the Tesla community. One such accounts, shared YouTube from Hyperchange CEO Galileo Russell, estimated that the growth will entail the installation of approximately 500-600 Tesla Powerpacks into the present battery. This figure was a rough estimate based on Powerpack sightings and announcements from truck drivers who had been hauling the battery units into the Hornsdale Power Reserve. 

The growth of the Hornsdale Power Reserve generally adheres well to its collapse of Tesla’s electricity industry . In recent years, Tesla Energy has taken a step backwards since the company worked on the Model 3 ramp. Now that Model 3 generation is reaching its stride and amenities such as Gigafactory 3 are more usable, Tesla is able to focus more of its efforts. This could work in Tesla’s favor as billionaire investor Ron Baron has estimated that Tesla Energy has the potential to turn into a $500 billion business on its own. 

Watch out Hyperchange‘s report on the Tesla Powerpack sightings in the movie below. 

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