Tesla’s Premium Connectivity rejoins some owners for free



Tesla has provided some vehicles accessibility to complimentary Premium Connectivity after an influx of new features that came with the Model 3 refresh.

According to DriveTeslaCanada, the vehicle information page on their Model 3 Standard Range+ is no longer displaying a date for your Premium Connectivity feature’so renewal. It’s now stating that the bundle is included with the motor vehicle.

Additionally, the DriveTeslaCanada account page states the active subscriptions are “Free Unlimited Premium Connectivity. ”

There’s no date of renewal, nor will there be any indication that the account will be charged for the attribute at any moment in the future.

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In December 2019, Tesla emailed owners of their firm ’s vehicles to warn them their complimentary access to Premium Connectivity will be stopped. Instead, Tesla would start charging $9.99 per month for the bundle.

Premium Connectivity provides motorists access to features including live traffic visualization, satellite-view channels, and in-car stream services such as Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube when the car is not linked to WiFi.

The Standard package only includes Navigation functionality.

Now, it appears that the Premium Connectivity has been reoffered as a free addition to a few owners of this “classic” Model 3.

Yesterday evening, it was reported by Teslarati the official “refresh” of this Model 3 went on Tesla’s design studio. The newest Model 3 comes equipped using a 353-mile range rating, Uberturbine brakes, a powered rear, and much more.

It’s uncertain which Model 3 versions the Free Premium Connectivity attribute is implemented to. While the Standard Range+ Model 3 that Darryn of DriveTeslaCanada is getting the option, he states that additional owners of their Long Range and Performance variations of their all-electric sedan are still revealing the monthly renewal date.

Tesla Model 3 ‘refresh’ goes together with 353-mile Variety, Uberturbine brakes, powered backward, and much more

If your Tesla Model 3 is currently revealing either a Free Premium Connectivity alternative or a renewal date, let us know in the comments on Twitter.

H/t: DriveTeslaCanada

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