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Tesla’s S3XY Family Is Complete But Are They Actually Sexy?


With the recent unveiling of the Tesla Model Y, the organization ’s long-awaited ‘S3XY’ family of models is finally complete.

A new press photo published by the electric automaker shows the four models lined up alongside each other. The similarities between the vehicles are striking, especially the Model 3 and Model Y.

Tesla, naturally, started its current range of models with the all-electric Model S sedan. On the rear of the favorable reception for this car, Tesla released the next model in the S3XY family, the Model X. Essentially an SUV version of the Model S, the Model X is the most spacious of all current Tesla passenger automobiles and has the famous ‘Falcon Wing’ doorways.

In 2016, the Tesla Model 3 was unveiled in prototype guise. Tesla originally planned on calling its entry-level sedan the Model E, but Ford blocked the move after first applying for the ‘Model E’ trademark in 2000. Tesla’s original plan would have meant its models would spell out ‘SEXY’ but alas, it wasn’t to be. The name Model 3 has been adopted instead and it gets the message across.

As for whether or not Tesla’s ‘S3XY’ family is actually sexy remains up for debate. Numerous critics have expressed disappointment in the Tesla Model Y, claiming that the design similarities between it and the Model 3 could indicate the crossover will cannibalize sales of its sedan twin.

Tesla’s model range won’t finish with the four models pictured. In late 2017, the electrical automaker revealed prototypes of both the Tesla Semi and second-generation Tesla Roadster. Later this year, Tesla will also present a prototype of its long-awaited pickup truck, bringing the Tesla model range up to seven.

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