Tesla’s Sentry Mode Proves Its Worth In The Real World



Tesla’s recently-introduced Sentry Mode was designed to help catch thieves the minute they break into one of the automaker’s electrical vehicles. And it looks like it is performing as promised.

The video below includes two records filmed from Model 3s which had Sentry Mode enabled while attempts at stealing them took place.

In the first clip, a would-be thief can be seen hoping out of a Jaguar XF and coming the Model 3. By the time the vehicle pulled up, Sentry Mode had been triggered and the automobiles front-facing camera and two side-facing cameras automatically started to record. They show a hooded man approach the sedan with a flashlight, searching for valuables inside the car. The man also broke the tiny third side window on the car but, curiously, the alarm wasn’t triggered.

The next clip shows something almost identical. A hooded man hops out of a nearby car and starts to search the Model 3, as well as another Tesla it was parked alongside. The man also broke the tiny third window but it’s unclear if he walked off with any stolen merchandise.

The police were reportedly called in both cases and the footage was handed over to police.

While Sentry Mode can’t knowingly stop a break-in from occurring, it can help authorities track down the perpetrators due to video files from the high-definition cameras the cars come equipped with.

Tesla launched Sentry Mode last month alongside another attribute called the ‘Dog Mode. ’ That particular mode can be turned on when a driver leaves their pets inside the vehicle and turns on the climate control system to reduce the cabin’s temperature.

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