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Will teen supernatural thriller The A List return for another series or has it been cancelled? The A List is set on an isolated island where a group of teenagers head for summer camp. The show follows Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) who arrives expecting to be the head of the social pecking order at the camp until new girl Amber (Ellie Duckles, Safe) arrives. She instantly popular but outside of being jealous of all the attention Amber’s receiving, Mia also starts to suspect there’s some dark and possibly supernatural about her.

The A List is a BBC production aimed at a young adult audience and was intended to be a little darker than the average teen melodrama, and it also drew inspiration from other shows like Lost and Pretty Little Liars. While it received mixed reviews overall it definitely attracted a fanbase, especially after it ended up on Netflix.

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The A List ended its first season on a big cliffhanger too, so will it return for a second season?

Shortly after the show finished airing its thirteen-episode first season, it was confirmed that the BBC had decided not to commission The A List season 2. No official reason was given for the cancellation, but the teen thriller presumably didn’t meet the ratings they were hoping for, in addition to its mixed critical reception.

While the BBC is no longer involved with The A List season 2, it was soon confirmed Netflix would be producing the series by itself. This was confirmed by co-creator Nina Metivier (Doctor Who) during a conversion with Deadline, suggesting the show was quite popular on the streaming platform.

While there were reports of The A List returning for its second season on Netflix sometime in August 2020, it appears the COVID-19 pandemic impacted this plan, just like it did with many film and television productions in 2020. A release date for The A List season 2 hasn’t been set in stone just yet, but fans should probably expect it to arrive somewhere in the first half of 2021. The show left the fate of several characters in the air, so it will be interesting to see how the second season picks up from the dramatic season 1 finale. The wait should at least give newcomers the chance to binge the first season in preparation.

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