The Aston Martin DBX is a tale of two vehicles



The Aston Martin DBX is the newest ’s first SUV — as well as the bets for its iconic British luxury car maker couldn’t be much greater.

Just like Astons before this, the DBX is handsome. Its sculptural form stretches out to unapologetic ample proportions, also stands out in the audience of SUVs that frequent the private-school pickup . It’s ’s an opulent design that scores high on aesthetics, character and performance. It’s also a vehicle that arrives late to the ultra premium SUV section, also lacks the in-car technologies and fuel market of the others of its ilk. Revenue of those DBX, which starts at $176,900, began overseas summer and entered the U.S. market in late 2020. (The variant Aston Martin supplied to TechCrunch for a test drive’d the option-loaded retail cost of $205,186 DBX, including delivery prices )

Call it a tale of two vehicles at a period of dueling principles vying for luxury car buyer budgets. Demand for SUVs has been skyrocket, in the same way the mobility sector inclines aggressively toward electrification. Aston Martin put a goal of promoting 14,000 vehicles 2023, a steep increase for a small, boutique brand. But under new leadership, the company has dialed back those projections to 10,000 within its reorganization called “Project Horizon. ”

After an underwhelming year due to the pandemic, a new major owner and a brand new CEO have been in place. It’s uncertain which narrative will determine that the exact DBX’s destiny. The future of the company rests on its own achievement.

Aston Martin reported the DBX met sales expectations in 2020, together with 1,516 units offered. The company anticipates that the DBX will make up 40% to 60% of international volume in 2021 — its very first year of total production.

A story of two vehicles

How to reach best-in-class technician in both technology and in-car experience is really a quagmire for low-volume supercar makers who aren’t owned by a larger automaker that can lend that experience. Aston took measures to solve this issue via an arrangement reached with Mercedes-Benz AG to produce engines and electrical architecture back in 2013. Tobias Moers, that led up Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division until last summer, is Aston’s new CEO, a clue how vital Aston nonetheless sees Daimler’s technological functionality to its potential.

Aston Martin has just reentered Formula One racing, and accurate to the newest ’s motorsports foundation that the DBX has sports car-like power, sprinting from 0 to 60 miles per hour at 4.3 seconds, using Mercedes-Benz AMG engines.

On the inside, the DBX scores high as a whole sensory experience to push (and floss in), affording its passengers panache and relaxation, all swathed in Bridge of Weir leather. You will find nifty options like a snow pack, finish with a ski boot warmer.

Image Credits: Aston Martin

Another half of the merchandise ’s interior story raises more pragmatic questions regarding the part of in-car tech in the superb luxury segment, also has in the crux of Aston’s issue. Aston will always be at least one generation behind the latest Mercedes advancements. For a vehicle with a beginning cost of $180,000, automobiles that cost half the cost have more innovative in-car features.

User experience

The Aston Martin DBX is outfitted with COMAND, an infotainment program that Mercedes released in 1998, refreshed in 2014 and upgraded in 2016. If it comes to tech, a couple years feels like a lifetime. 

The challenge is that it’s not as simple as replacing a head-unit, Nathan Hoyt, a spokesperson for Aston Martin, told TechCrunch.

“The car would need to be revised to work an entirely new electrical architecture” he explained. “That stated, the closer alignment we previously announced between Mercedes and Aston Martin implies we will keep on using MB technologies for the foreseeable future. ”

Even though Aston Martin is saddled with the old platform, Mercedes-Benz has simply moved to MBUX, a brand new technologically innovative infotainment system that has been launched in 2018 and has already been upgraded. No word on when MBUX will find its own solution to Aston Martin merchandise.

In practical terms, that means a 2021 luxury automobile that’therefore lost a touchscreen. What’s in its own location is far too much clunky plastic to be known as classic analog, which maybe would make more sense. Believe Mac computer keyboard, circa 2014. Apple CarPlay is regular over the DBX, however, it still also lacks Android Auto.

aston-martin-dbx interior

Image Credits: Aston Martin

Instead of knobs that are slick, there are plastic buttons that seem out of step with the rest of the car ’s swanky naturally sourced forests. Vinyl is also present in the air vents and gear selector.

In equity, the everything-but-the-kitchen sink isn’t the best solution to in-car technology. Many carmakers have far too much bothersome and tactile tech on the dash that isn’t intuitive.


Image Credits: Aston Martin

The tech that stood out

Aston’so done what it is to make DBX’s inner working distinct from the conventional Mercedes system. Creative thinking shows up at the 10.2-inch display’s slick graphics made for DBX in the center stack. Even a DB5, James Bond’therefore automobile of selection, is employed as an icon to indicate adaptive cruise control activation.

Aston handles to use the tech that it does have to its benefit — also it’s an entire disposition.

Ambient lighting offers 64 unique colors in two zones and a solid system that feels of the minute. The custom sound system features 790 watts over 13 speakers along with also a sealed subwoofer, and sound resolution technology that drowns out street noise. The combination of that cushy cabin along with the boom of those speakers makes it feel as if you’re driving around in a luxury theatre back when we all went to the pictures, or if you’re an Aston proprietor, escaped to your private home theatre.

ADAS: form and function

Aston compensates for insufficient computational power by creating flexible cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, lane-departure caution, lane-keeping help and blind-spot monitoring all standard security features.

Each function is placed in one of the above plastic buttons. Adaptive cruise control is on the left of the steering wheel, also can be adjusted to track speed and distance. The lane-keeping help button is on the right of the center console.

The controls on the center console require the motorist to glance down for a brief instant, causing the eyes to siphoned off the street. When lane-keeping help is participated, a light on the dash and also a gentle twitch of the wheel alert to the motorist. Other switches controller driver functionality and Aston’s air suspension settings.

Character study

Stateside, Aston could be limited to James Bond, but for its British car culture enthusiasts, the newest is shrouded in emotion, gravitas and importance. I attended that the Aston centenary in 2010 at England, in which I saw the outpouring of love round the U.K. for its newest ’s legacy.

Under former CEO Andy Palmer, Aston had been responsible for its potential. A more modern mill in Wales has been built to make DBX. But part of Aston’s intrinsic allure is that some components are still hand built to suit the low-volume connoisseur of a couple of thousand-of-a-kind automobile. As automobiles become more complex automatic systems, hand built becomes a liability.

The DBX’s path comes down to what the potential driver wants and wants this car to be in place of appropriate high-six figure fantasy machine like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan owned by the BMW class, or Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayenne, that fall under the collective VW umbrella. Or Tesla, that is Tesla.


Image Credits: Aston Martin

As slick technological attributes become more significant, Aston Martin might have to rethink how it fixes for lagging behind. That may mean doubling down what it means to be unapologetic and classic. Or using future powertrain variants to induce the 21st century automaker messaging. The latter seems most likely.

A 2020 arrangement with Mercedes that builds from an current partnership provides Aston Martin access to a broad range of technologies, including electrical, moderate and full hybrid powertrain architectures via 2027.

Aston Martin indicated in its latest earnings call that supplying a hybrid SUV will probably be significant for the firm. Tobias Moers, Aston Martin’s new CEO and the former leader of Mercedes-Benz AMG, stated a plug in hybrid DBX will be provided before 2024. All-electric vehicles are part of the firm ’s plans as well, and have been targeted for middle of the decade.

The question is if Aston Martin provides the infotainment system the required upgrade to coordinate with the hybrid and EV tech.

If it comes to high-six figure SUVs, the air is thin in the very top.

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin

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