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The Best of This Week


An Agile Approach for Digital Projects

Organizations that achieve the maximum success with jobs use systematic processes to simulate, test, and launch ideas. Procedures that allow for continuous learning and that support critical business goals can help you climb agile benefits.

Big Tech’s Eccentric Uncle Is Now Its Loudest Critic

He watched 200 Grateful Dead shows when Jerry Garcia was still about and occasionally tours as a guitarist with the likes of Pete Sears and Jefferson Starship. He created a fortune in Silicon Valley from the first days of the world wide web and mentored founders with names like Zuckerberg well in the 2000s. His name is Roger McNamee, and now he’s one of Big Tech’s critics. Brian Barth paints a fascinating image of McNamee’s moral awakening for The New Yorker.

Redefining Work Can Create New Value

Redefining work and understanding the relationship between job redesign is crucial to any tactical effort to compete. Redesigning jobs ought to be seen only as an end goal but as a procedure that empowers work itself to be redefined so that the workforce creates new significance .

Elon Musk Bets Big

Elon Musk and his automotive company Tesla debuted their vision for the trucking marketplace — the aesthetically mind-boggling Cybertruck. Andwell, stocks fell 6.1% the next day. As The Wall Street Journal writes“This isn’t the type of tactical move you’d anticipate from a $60 billion people business. It’s basically a gut hunch — a bet. ” Musk is known for his eccentricity as an entrepreneur, even but would this latest bet pay off?

Digital Advances in Product Design Can Boost Sustainability

Digitization can help squeeze more economical value from environmental resources that are scarce. By making product development more layout – and information-intensive, organizations are creating offerings which are reducing material usage, lowering energy requirements, and raising earnings .

More Ideas That Matter:

A webinar exploring how people-centered design principles can serve as a framework in AI execution .
Defining “tech firms ”; Jeff Bezos’s empire has changed cyberspace (and democracy) ; the sharing economy is anywhere — and expanding.
Amazon may now trademark Americans’ daily existence in greater ways than any company in history.

Quote of the Week:

“While eureka moments may ’t be forced, when our minds are elsewhere many people have spent an enormous quantity of time and energy thinking about a issue, only to have the answer arrive from the blue. Excellent ideas come to people in bed, in the bathtub, or on the bus, the three Bs of creativity. ”

— Professor Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries of INSEAD, in “Want More Creative Breakthroughs? Slow Down

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