The BMW i3 Still Qualifies for the $7,500 EV Tax Credit



Should you’ve been interested in getting an electrical car lately, you may ’ve heard that not all EVs are still qualified for the $7,500 tax credit provided by the authorities. Tesla is the one manufacturer that has been making headlines lately for this reason, as their model line-up is no longer qualified and the US manufacturer is seeking options to keep its offerings aggressive. But, other versions don’t have any such problems, like the BMW i3.

The main reason why the two Tesla and General Motors are not any longer qualifying for the rebate has to do with the revenue threshold determined by the law for every car manufacturer. Both of these US makers have gone over the 200,000 threshold and that means the tax credit you get now is halved, to $3,750. That amount will fall even more, to $1,875 before disappearing completely by the time we hit 2020. Nevertheless, other car makers can still make because of the full tax credit and also the BMW i3 will be the best car you can get at the moment.

That’s because the i3 now starts at $44,450 and this price comes down to $36,950 after the tax break that is a fairly great price for a new BMW. In addition, it comes with the most recent 120Ah batteries that increase the assortment of the i3 into a EPA-estimate of 160 miles (260 km), considerably more than the 114 miles maintained for its 94 Ah model. You also receive a car that’s 93 percent recyclable and has an extremely low CO2 footprint.

Some plug-in hybrid versions qualify too but, regrettably, no BMWs are contained on that list. That’s because the law dictates the PHEV needs to have a battery at least 16 kWh to qualify for the tax credit, meaning no BMW I Performance models may be included with this listing. On the other hand, the i3 REx can be qualified, if you would like to forget about array anxiety.

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