The Caucasity: Grimes Confirms Her & Elon Musk Really Did Name Their Newborn Son X Æ A-12, Here’s What The Name Means…




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Earlier this week, Elon Musk informed fans that his girlfriend, Grimes, had given birth to their first child together. When answering questions on Twitter in regards to the arrival, he informed his followers that the mother and baby were equally healthy, they had a brand-new child, and shockingly, that the baby’s title was drumroll please*…. . X Æ A-12.

As this really is Elon Musk we’re speaking about–and this couple might name their infant was a running joke the moment they have pregnant–a good deal of people presumed (read: hoped) this reveal from the Tesla CEO was a joke. Now, however, Grimes has surfaced from her slumber that was post-labor to let the world understand the significance behind their son’s name confirming this entire thing is quite real.

Within her conversation, she breaks their kid ’ s name letter by letter down, letting fans know what each individual character signifies.

•X, the anonymous factor ⚔•Æ, my elven spelling of Ai (love &or Artificial intelligence)•A-12 = precursor to SR-17 (our favorite aircraft). No weapons, only speed, no defenses. Great in conflict, however non-violent 🤍+ (A=Archangel, my favorite tune ) (⚔🐁 metal rat)

— ꧁ ༒ G&genuine;Iꪔ⃕es ༒꧂ 🍓🐉🎀 小仙女 (@Grimezsz) May 6, 2020

Although this tweet does offer evidence that Elon wasn’t only trolling fans it doesn’t actually offer clarity on….anything. Although this does answer the question of what the hell that title really means, it doesn’t give us any indication of how to pronounce it, which was certainly the largest question following news of what’s on this particular kid ’s birth certificate.

We’d comment on how this kid is gonna be teased in school, but his father is.

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