The Lion Air crash dings Indonesia’s aviation record, but the region is not the Bermuda Triangle for air travel everyone is making it out to be



Lion Air JT610 relativesAntara Foto/Hadi Sutrisno Through REUTERS

Following the reduction of a Lion Air flight in waters off Java on Monday, Indonesia is grappling with a brand new chapter in its own troubled aviation history.
While a few have been fast to condemn Indonesian aviation, this latest tragedy is much more out-of-character for a business that has worked tirelessly in reform for over a decade in a period of enormous growth.
Since a Garuda Airways 737-400 left the runway from March 2007, murdering among the seven crew members and 20 passengers, Indonesia has made “enormous strides,” a aviation specialist says.

When a Lion Air flight fell from the sky off the coast of Java on Monday, a new chapter began in Indonesia’s troubled history of aviation disasters.

The downed flight JT610 that arose after taking off for Pangkal Pinang on Bangka Island on Monday morning West Indonesian Time (WIB) was carrying 181 passengers, including two children and an infant, according to the Jakarta Post. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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