The Model Y Is A Surprisingly Easy Way Into The Tesla Brand



There’s something about Teslas that makes people excited. Sure, how many have their own misgivings, a few about the EV fad, others around SUVs in general, but you can not please anybody, would you?

As Regular Car Reviews argues in its latest video, the Model Y is just a compact SUV you could easily mistake for almost every other car. A nice car, but maybe not something that you need to create Silicon Valley cash to have the ability to manage.

For all the buzz surrounding the Tesla brand and also how it draws attention from even the most casual observers of the automotive market, the Model Y is a surprisingly regular affair. There are oddities, to be certain (the horn noise is customizable, so the glovebox just opens out of your infotainment center), however it’s not debilitating.

Like its layout, the Model Y bears the trappings of Teslas (for better and worse) but is still the very ordinary model nonetheless. It’s the ideal ride, argues the review, for men and women that want a Tesla but maybe not all the attention that comes with one.

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It still has all the benefits of Tesla without lots of the advantages. The dual-motor version tested here accelerates difficult enough to create the most mature among people giggle and make spaceship noises with our mouths. It’s among the most effective vehicles on the road. And you can have each the whizzbang features of virtually any Tesla.

But its boring appears mean you may slide by without drawing attention to yourself, although some may be wary of build quality issues that continue popping up.

Nevertheless, in the words of the narrator, it satisfies the expectations of a normal car with remarkable adequacy.

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