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The Science Behind Hydrogen-Infused Water – Part 2…


Video Transcript: The Science Behind Hydrogen-Infused Water – Part 2

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So allow discuss hydrogen as a science that is proven. And I understand you didn’t hear about it on the facts. We don’t hear about such things, although ve heard all about all types of crazy things going on. We re hearing about, who bought what automobile. How Teslaanything ’ s doing. However, we don ’ t understand the best way about, wait a moment, we could get or drink hydrogen in our body and have raised immune function or cancer going away or anything. But there are 700 plus studies since 2008. Imagine that 2008, for another, it wasn’t long ago. We have 700 studies showing H2, to be curative with 170 disease models. Is this significant info? Is it about the news? Yes! It ought to. You understand, I mean, all these things.

So there’s 700 studies. What I need to mention before we go into some studies here, is that the results aren’t guaranteed. Okay? Now, these studies are pretty significant, and the terminology is quite powerful in comparison to most studies, which say “maybe on a Wednesday, a few year you could see a gain. ” Right? Have you read studies like that? Yeah, so we re enjoy, “I don’t understand why you spent all that time that if that’s exactly what your outcome was. ” But in those studies, I’will read you a few the conclusions since that’s the fun part. It s like the book’s close, right? We get to read the finish, also it s language. I want you to pay attention. But every study you have a double-blind in it, and you weren’t in it, so that there ’s no guarantee for you. But we could see trends. We could observe, “Heythere’s probably. If these other 45 people were assisted by it,” right? Within this study.

So let’s examine the first study that got everyone woken up. This was in “Nature Medicine” very well respected periodic. And this was only saying that hydrogen reduce oxidative stress also it was a particular antioxidant. This is exactly what kind of woke up everyone. Dr. Shigeo Ohta in Japan was the leading contributor of the study and essentially said, “Look, it particularly reacted with hydroxyl radicals, which had been the most cell damaging or cytotoxic oxygen radical from the body. ” And it was poisonous and a discerning. It didn’t respond with ROS that had physiological roles or roles that are life-sustaining.

This was a study, and since everybody ’s enjoy, “Well, heck, if it does that. What does it do? ” So now we go. This ’s colon cancer. We re all here for facts about cancer. Thank goodness Ty and Charlene did so? Beautiful, amazing, beautiful people. But picture who did this study? It states at the top, hydrogen enhances five flora cell-induced inhibition of colon cancer. Well, we predict it 5FU. This ’s kind of funny, isn’t it? This is exactly what we, that in the sector what we predict five flora cell, is 5FU… I’m not even making that up. It was funny, but life is more funny than jokes. However, what’s saying, this is the drug company, the chemotherapy company saying, “Hey, what happens when we combine hydrogen using our chemotherapy medication? And the response was 100% cancer cell death. Is that significant? Can you hear about it on ABC, NBC? No.

So bottom line was the chemotherapy medication by itself didn’t clearly get it done. Hydrogen by itself had a more anticancer action compared to chemotherapy medication. But when we put them together, heck, wow! This ’s wonderful. And why, I’will see if my pointer will get the job done. Oh, look at that. So here, hydrogen administration enhanced the survival of mice using induced cancer. Furthermore, cell apoptosis is enhanced by hydrogen in cancer cells. This is significant because apoptosis is your natural ability of this body to inform a cell, “Destroy yourself if you re copying inappropriately. ” But somehow, when cancer happens over mitochondrial role in the cell it states, “No, no, no, you still ’re ok. Only the way you’re. Because it s diversity, and we love you, just the way you’re. So you keep on going. ” And hydrogen’s enjoy, “No, no, no. Destroy yourself. ” And it will.

And this is a gain for hydrogen because it advised that the cancer cells, “Yes. Do exactly everything you re programmed to do. ” Nowthe other area I need to share with you is here. Content hydrogen exhibited antioxidative and activity than did organic hydrogen water. This is a notion that is new there’so called. On this earth, there are rivers, lakes, rivers, and all around the planet, not just in certain areas, but round the planet which in fact have hydrogen gas dissolved in them. And people go to themfor… and they are considered curing waters by them .

Science Behind Hydrogen Water Part 2 - Paul Barattiero

What does it say? In conclusion, colon cancer can be inhibited by higher content hydrogen water. That’s speech that is pretty powerful , right? Especially with five possessions cells in combination. The fact is exactly what a fantastic study, although we have to get that in too. What a fantastic study we have. So now I’m going to scan through this real fast. This is talking about neurological Parkinson’s. This is a fantastic, this is one of several studies on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s talking about ghrelin secretion. So ghrelin is a growth hormone which can be released from the stomach and the intestinefrom the stomach. And once you drink water with hydrogen, it s ghrelin secretions. Ghrelin brainstem to boost function, and goes into the hippocampus, hypothalamus, significantly helps folks in problems.

What ’s interesting here is what it says , H2 supplementation doesn’t result in what? A change in the brain in the hydrogen levels. Thus again, it boils back to it had been, in the line, shows? There really is. It raised gastric ghrelin expression, so it was ghrelin which had been in the brain which was essentially provided signal modulation from hydrogen. Ghrelin did, although so hydrogen levels didn ’ t affect in the brain. By what? Hydrogen providing leadership, so that’s what’s important. Now, I told you the way the gut can be helped by water or we re going to discuss why water, also helped the intestine. As your intestine s assumed to be producing hydrogen it s really not hydrogen. This study is revealing is that if we alter the potential of water itself, and it pulls into the gut and changes the tissue of the liner of our intestine, and then guess what? We stimulate microflora.
Now we ve done a few studies, and we all could outpace a antibiotic. Good bacteria could actually develop faster than antibiotics may destroy it. Interestingly , when you re drinking water. And, once the potential, since the process generates -500 millivolts of electrical potential from the water and that is what creates a home for the bacteria strains and affects the terrain, the biome. Okay?

This ’s Type 2 diabetes mellitus, and that’s I spent almost all of my livelihood in medication, was ankle and foot for diabetes.

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