The Tesla Semi Would Make A Very Spacious, And “Green”, Motorhome



It has been almost two decades because the Tesla Semi was unveiled, yet it has still yet to reach on the manufacturing line, let alone get to the hands of customers. But Vanlifer has opted to envision what it might look like when it had been converted into a motorhome.

So as to make the Tesla motorhome, the front end and underpinnings of those Semi have been left untouched. Therefore, the only modifications which have been made are located behind the vehicle’s cabin, plus they’re certainly very comprehensive.

Directly behind the cabin of the sits a seating area, which could also be folded out to a double bed when required, and a kitchen. In addition, it includes a small bathroom and a shower and, at the rear, a double bed. Last, but not least, there is another double mattress, right over the cabin, meaning that a motorhome could sleep around six in relative comfort.

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Back in June, Elon Musk demonstrated that production of the company’s Semi truck had been pushed back until late 2020. Tesla initially wished to begin building this season, but that aim was shown to be overly ambitious. According to the firm, this is as it’s fitting the item rollout of new versions according to the scaling of battery manufacturing. Tesla isn’t now making sufficient batteries to create the Semi, thus the delay.

After the Semi does finally arrive, then the most more range-topping version should have about 500 miles (804 km) of variety and price about $180,000.

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