The World’s First V8-Powered Tesla Model S Is In The Works



We’ve ever found a variety of ICE-powered cars changed into EVs in earlier times yet this moment we’t encounter a YouTuber doing exactly the opposite: fitting a EV having an internal combustion motor.

Over the years, Rich Rebuilds has fixed and modified several Tesla units and, just a couple months past, made his own all-electric Cyberquad. Last year, he built an electric rat rod. For his most recent project, however, he is creating a V8-powered Tesla Model S.

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Establishing an ICE-powered Tesla will be no easy feat and involved more than slotting a V8 under the hood. In actuality, Rich Rebuilds reveals in this very first installment of the build series that he has purchased three wrecked Model S donor cars that’ll be utilised in creating the car a reality.

For starters, the YouTuber picked up a 426 hp 6.2-liter V8 motor from your 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, including its high-value manual transmission and gas tank. The challenging thing using fitting a traditional transmission and engine into a car such as the Model S is that the easy truth that the Tesla was never made to accommodate either. As an example, the Model S’ chassis doesn’t even feature a transmission tube so a custom one will probably need to be constructed.

What’s , as the Model S’ battery pack is found in the floorand it doubles as an integral structural region of the automobile. Therefore, the YouTuber will have to work out the way to strengthen the staircase so as to make up for the loss of structural rigidity.

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