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These 42 Weird Products On Amazon Have Fanatical Reviewers


From time to time, shopping on Amazon can feel overwhelming there is so many new, novel products in the marketplace added every day. How can you find products that are really worth the money, and actually do what they say they will? I will let you in on a little secret: it is the strangest products on Amazon which you are going to need to look a little closer at.

Sorting through the abyss to find those rare (but satisfying!) Winners might seem impossible. Luckily, there’s one easy way to predict if a new product will be a hit or a flop, without having to spend a fortune trying everything for yourself: its all about the testimonials. When hundreds of people love a product so much that theyve taken precious time from the day to write a review of it, its probably worth paying attention.

The products on this list range from plain bizarre. Theres a weird-looking hair dryer attachment that lets you wash your hair hands, a mobile coffee maker that collapses into a tiny, flat disk, and an inflatable escape ramp to save tiny animals from getting trapped in your pool. These random products do have one important thing in common, though: theyve basically earned a cult-following on Amazon, accumulating hundreds (or thousands) of luminous five-star reviews.

Willing to see for yourself what all the buzz is about? Continue reading!

,1. A Rechargeable Electric Lighter That Doesn’t Use FlameTesla Coil Lighters USB Rechargeable Lighter Amazon

When you touch the button on this wind-proof rechargeable electric lighter, it creates an arc of electrical charge, rather than the burst of flame you are probably used to seeing. That means this lighter have to be refilled with lighter fluid or will never run out of juice. Instead, when it gets low on power recharge it using a regular USB cable. This lighter has over 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, with reviewers reporting which it holds its charge for days.

2. A Set Of Soapstone Whiskey Stones To Chill Any Beverage In StyleBeverage-Chilling Whiskey Stones (Set Of 9)Amazon

Place these beverage-chilling stones in any drink wine, whiskey, rum, a cocktail and they will quickly chill it without watering it down. Just pop the rocks back when your drink is chilled perfectly. These drink stones are made of 100 percent pure soapstone, a rock known for its ability to maintain a constant temperature for a long time. Additionally, the set of nine stones comes in a pretty velvet carrying pouch which makes it the ideal gift for any drink aficionado in your life.

3. A Chin-Supporting Travel Pillow That Will Make Flying So Much More Comfortable BCOZZY Chin-Supporting Travel PillowAmazon

Is it really so surprising that this chin-supporting travel pillow has nearly 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon? If you’ve ever tried sleeping through a long flight, you already know what there is this a terrific invention. The pillow design gently wraps all of the way supporting your chin from falling forward, and preventing your head. It has pillowy sides that are elevated, so that you can rest your head. This pillow has a plushouter liner.

4. A Compression Mask To Relieve Migraine And Headache PainImak Compression Mask Amazon

This soothing, cooling compression mask will allow you to take relaxation to the next level, since it’s filled with tiny ergonomic micro-beads that mould to the shape of your face, blocking out all light. Plus, the pressure that helps soothe pain from headaches migraines, or swollen sinuses. The mask may also be set in the freezer for cooling relief and the micro beads won’t become stiff.

5. A Tray Attachment To Prevent Messes When Pumping Laundry Soap, Fabric Softener, And MoreTidy-Cup Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener GadgetAmazon

This inventive tray attachment attaches to the spout of economy-sized containers of laundry soap, fabric softener, and much more, collecting and containing drips and spills before they make a sticky mess. The hard plastic tray is easy to snap on and off, so cleaning it is a piece of cake. The tray can be designed to maintain your laundry . “Great product, works exactly as expected, and quality is high, so I don’t expect to ever need to replace it,” one satisfied Amazon reviewer reported.

6. A Super-Effective Cleanser To Gently Remove The Gunk From Your Pet’s EarsZymox Ear CleanserAmazon

This gentle, organic ear cleanser safely and efficiently removes the gunk from your pet’s ears, without using harsh chemicals or cleaners. The formula not only removes existing gunk, it is made with enzymes that help maintain cleanliness so that it can stop ear infections and other common issues related to dirty ears. The item is an odorless, liquid solution which may be applied to a cat or dog’s ears with a cotton ball, and lots of reviewers report that once pets realize how great it seems, they love having their ears cleaned.

7. A Reusable Smart Notebook To Help You Save The TreesRocketbook Everlast Smart NotebookAmazon

This reusable smart laptop will make you feel like the future is now. The notebook has 36 pages that you can sketch, write, and doodle on just like regular paper but unlike regular paper, these pages could be reused infinitely. When you’ve used a webpage, use the program to upload your work onto your email or a cloud service such as Dropbox or iCloud, then wipe the page clean with a damp cloth. It is that easy. The notebook works with any Pilot Frixion pen, marker or highlighter (and a pen is included).

8. A Unique Cushion That Will Help Improve Your Balance And Strengthen Your Core Gaiam Core Trainer Amazon

The genius of the busy sitting training pillow is that you don’t need to carve out any extra workout time to reach some of your exercise objectives. Place the cushion on your seat at the office or while you are watching TV, and you’ll immediately be improving your balance, developing great posture, and strengthening your heart. The pillow adds instability engaging your heart to keep your body balanced. “The first day I used this product, I could feel my abs working after 3 hours of sitting,” one satisfied Amazon reviewer reported.

9. A Spicy-Sweet Condiment That Tastes Great On Pretty Much EverythingMike’s Hot HoneyAmazon

For something that has only three simple ingredients, this chili-infused hot honey tastes incredibly intricate and delicious. Drizzle it place it on eggs or pizza, and use it in a margarita. It’s also made with wildflower honey sourced from small scale beekeepers in New Jersey and New York.

10. A Pair Of Soothing, Cooling Socks To Reduce Pain And Swelling In Your FeetNatraCure Cold Therapy SocksAmazon

These therapeutic cooling socks are about to rock your world, whether you spend long days on your feet, suffer from distress as a result of injuries, plantar fasciitis, etc, or simply want to pamper yourself. They are designed with pockets for cooling gel packs along the length of your foot, at the back of your heel, and on top of your foot, reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain during your entire foot. The socks are made with a cuff at the top to help them stay on.

11. A Water-Powered Brush That Make Your Most Dreaded Cleaning Projects Fun And EasyBrush Hero Power Cleaning BrushAmazon

Mud-encrusted? All winter dusty patio furniture that has been abandoned? Muddy boots after an outdoor experience? If these are the type of cleaning projects you’ve been putting off for weeks, then you need this water-powered power scrubber. This brush attaches to a hose and utilizes a solid, steady torque to wash away grease, grime, dirt, and sand no batteries or electricity required. This item comes with two brush heads: a soft brush ideal for surfaces, and a brush to tackle more serious messes.

12. A Sturdy Gripper Tool So You Won’t Burn Your Fingers On Hot DishesGripper Clips (Set Of 2)Amazon

If you’ve ever burnt your fingers trying to retrieve the hot inner dish from your pressure cooker, slow cooker, or atmosphere fryer, these heat-resistant gripper clips are for you. These steel grippers hold up to 5 pounds, as a result of the silicone pads which help strengthen their grip. The handles are made out of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic. “Not only do they work great for the Instant Pot, but you can use them to pick up plates and bowls that are hot from the microwave,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

13. A Stainless Steel Chiller For Beverages That Come In Tall, Slim CansBrMate Hopsulator Slim Can CoolerAmazon

This slim stainless steel drink chiller is specially made for the tall, slim cans drinks like White Claw and Red Bull come in. It’s made out of stainless steel, keeping up your drinks to 20 times cooler than a regular neoprone can chiller. This chiller comes in a huge variety of vibrant colors that look shimmery and iridescent in the sun. “I can float in my spa and hold this partially into the hot water for an hour and the beverage stays ice cold!” one Amazon reviewer raved.

14. These Touch-Sensing LED Lights To Light Up Closets, Garages, Basements, And MoreSOAIY Touch Sensor LED Light (3 Pack)Amazon

These touch-activated LED lamps are fantastic for those spaces which definitely could use some light, but there is not outlets available. Place these versatile LED lamps on your porch, in a closet or cabinet, or along a dark basement stairway and each lamp comes with a solid double-sided adhesive pad to install it anywhere you’d like. The lamps are battery-operated, and have dimmers.

15. A Soothing, Healing Skin Ointment To Relieve Itching, Dryness, Swelling, and MorePuriya Mother Of All Creams Skin CreamAmazon

There is nothing more uncomfortable than dry, flaky, itchy skin. This organic, anti-itch, moisturizing skin ointment is ideal for relieving symptoms from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes, and other ailments. Its non-greasy formula won’t clog your pores, is free of harsh chemicals, artificial colors, and scents and is made with soothing, all-natural ingredients such as Amaranth oil and chamomile. This ointment has more than 3,800 five-star reviews on Amazon. “I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from any type of stubborn skin condition,” one reviewer wrote.

16. A Hair Dryer Attachment That Lets You Dry Your Hair Hands-FreeBonnet Hair Dryer AttachmentAmazon

OK, so, this hooded hair dryer attachment is genius AF if you will need to gradually set or dry your hair since it delivers the same results as these giant standing hair dryers at the salon. Attach the hose into any standard handheld hairdryer, put the hooded bonnet over your hair, and you’ll be able to evenly wash your hair, hands. This attachment is popular amongst reviewers with natural or curly hair, and it is also great for drying and setting hair that’s in rollers. One reviewer writes: “I have thick 4c hair that takes forever to dry and before, whenever I wanted to do a braidout or twistout I would have to wait overnight even the next day before my hair would fully dry even using the hair dryer. With the hood on it’s easier to dry my whole head and define my braidouts nicely.”

17. A Soothing, Cooling Shaving Cream People Can’t Stop Raving AboutCremo Cooling Shave Cream (2-Pack)Amazon

If you always seem to end up with rashes, cuts, and razor burn from shaving, this popular shaving lotion is for you. The formula is full of ultra-slick molecules to assist any razor glide over your skin, plus menthol and peppermint extracts for a cooling effect. This product has over 2,500 five-star reviews on Amazon: “I don’t use hyperbole with reviews, I want to give my fellow consumers the straight facts,” one reviewer gushed. “This cream has given me, without question, the best shaving experience I have had in my adult life.”

18. An Exfoliating Foot Scrubber That Won’t Make You Bend Over In The ShowerFresh Feet Foot ScrubberAmazon

This nifty exfoliating foot scrubber has all you need to look after your feet in the shower and you won’t even have to bend over and risk losing your balance to use it. This two-in-one scrubber contains a scrubbing brush that is anti-microbial and an pumice stone. Both the pumice stone and scrubbing brush are attached to a rubber base, which firmly suctions to the bottom of your tub or shower. The scrubber has a convenient hanging loop for storage.

19. An Ingenious Silicone Scrubbing Tool To Clean Your Pet’s Dirty PawsPetcabe Portable Paw Cleaner Amazon

It is fun to see your pet enjoying themselves outdoors, but viewing your pet’s muddy paw prints all over your floors, furniture, and clothing? Not so much. This paw cleaning tool makes it fast and easy to clean your pet’s paws. The scrubber is made up of BPA-free plastic cup with silicone scrubbing inside. Fill the cup with water (and, if you want, some gentle pet-safe soap or shampoo) then guide your pet’s paw into the cup. The water that is dirty collects, preventing any mess.

20. A Hoodie-Style Towel Made Of Special Fabric That Keeps Your Head CoolMission Enduracool Techknit Cooling HoodieAmazon

When it is really hot out fashion isn’t a top priority. This hoodie-style cooling towel might look a little strange, but it is a remarkably effective way to stay cool on ultra-hot summer days. Just wet it and wring it out, then snap it the snapping motion activates technology that keeps the cloth cool for longer than normal fabric. “I’ve gotten probably ten different brands of cooling headgear, and this is the only one that really works,” one Amazon reviewer reported.

21. A Travel-Sized Power Strip So You Can Charge All Your Devices From One OutletNtonpower Travel Power StripAmazon

This travel-sized power strip is fantastic for any situation when you don’t have sufficient electrical outlets nearby to plug in all your devices at once. The power strip comprises three electrical outlets and three USB ports and the entire issue is the size of an iPhone, so it can easily fit in your purse or suitcase. Additionally, unlike many power strips, this one does not have a surge protector, so it won’t have confiscated if you take it with you on a cruise.

22. A Tiny Little Steamer To Keep Your Clothes Looking Fresh AnywhereDegbit Portable SteamerAmazon

This travel-sized steamer is perfectly made for powerful outfit touch-ups on-the-go. It is the perfect size to bring on holiday (wedding outfit, anybody?) , but it is powerful enough for everyday use at home. Additionally, it heats up in only 25 seconds, so it is completely leak-proof and it is terrific for, which makes it effortless to de-wrinkle your laundry from any angle. The tank of this steamer holds 100 milliliters of water, enough to give steam for eight to ten minutes before it has to be refilled.

23. A Unique Device That Improves Your Posture With Just 15 Minutes Of Daily UseBetterBack DeviceAmazon

This posture-improving belt was a hit when it was introduced on Shark Tank and from the looks of its enthusiastic reviews on Amazon, its success didn’t end there. This belt is designed to support your lower back and immediately give you posture. The company says, Should you wear the belt for only 15 minutes each day, it will perfect your posture long-term. “If I could give this product ten stars, I would,” one Amazon reviewer gushed. “Bottom line: IT WORKS.”

24. A Tiered Shoe Rack That’ll Save Tons Of Floor Space In Your HomeHousehold Essentials Revolving Shoe RackAmazon

This stainless steel tiered shoe rack is a superb way to conserve floor space in a small home. Each of the four round, rotating tiers with this rack holds six pairs of sneakers, which means the entire rack can store a 24 pairs. The height of the shelves may also be adjusted, which makes it easy to customize the rack to work for heels or boots. The shoe rack has a sturdy base so that it won’t fall over when loaded with sneakers.

25. A Unique Tool That Makes It Easy To Trim Your Own Hair Original CreaClip SetAmazon

Trying can be a little scary, if you had a failed attempt at cutting your own hair. But this innovative at-home hair-cutting clip makes easy chops and trims basically effortless (and pretty hard to screw up). The set comes with two clips: a smaller one for bangs, and a larger one for routine hair trims. It’ll ensure your scissors stay, and clip the guide onto your hair where you’d like to trim and your cut is even and neat.

26. A Compact, Foldable Electric Kettle You Can Bring AnywhereGourmia Foldable Electric Kettle Amazon

If this mobile, collapsable electric kettle is not being used, it is the perfect size to stash on your bag, desk, or locker. When you expand it, though, it boils.5 liters of water, ideal for a big cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. “Lightweight, compresses small enough to pack when traveling, folds out to hold just enough water to make my large mug of morning coffee, and it comes to a boil quickly,” one Amazon reviewer claims.

27. A Cast Iron Pan Made For Delicious, Homemade Pizza Lodge Cast Iron Pizza PanAmazon

There is A high-quality pizza pan something and an investment you’ll be using for years to come. This cast iron pizza pan isn’t only ideal for pizza, it’s also ideal for baking bread, roasting vegetables or meat, and cooking over an open fire. This pan has reviews on Amazon, with 90 percent of reviewers giving it a five stars. “To give an indication of how much we like it, we dragged it 2,100 miles (by air) to bake pizza for a large birthday party gathering,” one reviewer reported.

28. The Critter-Sized Escape Ramp To Prevent Small Animals From Getting Trapped In Your PoolFrogLog Animal Escape Pool Ramp Amazon

If you’ve ever been heartbroken to find a cute little frog, mouse, or other critter that didn’t make it after being trapped in your outdoor pool, then this tiny animal-sized pool escape ramp is for you. The apparatus has a inflatable floating foundation that sits with a top that secures the ramp poolside, on your pool. A full 96 percent of Amazon reviewers gave this ramp a positive rating, with over reviews from people who saved ducklings chipmunks, frogs, salamanders, and much more.

29. A RFID-Blocking Document Organizer To Keep Your Personal Information Safe When You’re TravelingRFID-Blocking Travel Document Organizer Amazon

When you’re traveling when it comes to protecting your identity, you can never be too safe. This travel document organizer not only keeps your cell phone, passport, tickets, money, ID, and all of your other travel essentials neat, accessible, and organized, it is also equipped with RFID-blocking technology to stop thieves from stealing your sensitive information. This bag is made of strong, waterproof nylon which can not be permeated by any scanner, and can fit a larger cell phone model like the iPhone 7+.

30. A Pair Of Comfy-Yet-Tough Work Gloves To Protect Your Hands Custom Leathercraft Flex Grip Work GlovesAmazon

These tough, high-quality work gloves are a must-have for anybody who regularly deals with heavy-duty tools, harsh weather, or rough surfaces. They’re made of soft, supple synthetic leather, which means that they won’t shrink or become brittle, even if they get wet. They are also designed with stretchy spandex side panels, giving you maximum flexibility and ensuring that they fit your hands, well, like a glove. “These are very well made, and allow me to use my touch screen phone easily!” one Amazon reviewer reported.

31. A Rocking Foot Stretcher To Ease Pain And Tension In Sore, Stiff FeetYoFit Foot StretcherAmazon

Honestly, just looking at this rocking foot stretcher made my feet feel a little more relaxed. This simple-yet-effective apparatus is a gentle, easy method to relieve pain, soreness and tension caused by spending long days on your feet or from chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arch pain, etc.. Place your foot and gently rock it to stretch your feet and and ankles. This unit is one-size-fits-all, and contains pads at the base to keep it.

32. A Pair Of Slip-Proof To Help You Keep Your Balance During YogaYoga SocksAmazon

These ballet-inspired slip-proof socks are essential for everyone who enjoys yoga, Pilates, barre, dance, or any other workout that’s usually done barefoot. Equal parts pretty and functional, these 100 percent are designed to prevent you from sliding around when you are trying to maintain a pose and slipping. The socks also have criss-crossed elastic straps to help them stay on, and a thicker sole which makes them super durable.

33. A Non-Stick Pan That Effortlessly Makes Perfect Fried Eggs Every TimeMyLifeUNIT Nonstick Aluminum Egg Frying PanAmazon

This nifty egg skillet means your fried eggs will never run together again. The pan has four round divots which are the perfect size for an egg, which makes it effortless to create perfectly circular, uniform eggs for hamburgers, breakfast sandwiches, and more. The pan is made of 100 percent aluminum, with a marbled coating for effortless cleaning and handle. “Love it,” one satisfied Amazon reviewer raved. “Can make individual omelets and freeze them for quick and easy breakfasts.”

34. A Portable Foot Rest To Save Your Legs During Long Plane Rides Sleepy Ride Airplane Foot RestAmazon

This hammock-like travel foot rest is designed to hang over the arms of an airplane tray table, allowing you to comfortably rest your feet without bothering the person sitting before you. It’s made out of soft memory foam, and can easily be stored in the drawstring bag it comes in. “This is the single best thing Ive purchased in 2019. It folds up small, attaches to the tray table easily, and will SAVE your legs,” one happy Amazon reviewer reported.

35. A Collapsible, Portable Coffee Maker You Can Bring AnywhereKuissential SlickDrip Collapsible Silicone Coffee DripperAmazon

If you’re the kind of person who can not live without your morning coffee wherever you’re, this collapsible drip coffee maker is for you. Just put it add coffee, then pour boiling water it’s that easy. It collapses into a flat disk that fits in any purse, backpack, or table when not in use. It’s made of high-quality, BPA-free silicone, so it won’t absorb any odors, and it.

36. A Heat-Powered Hair Brush That’ll Make Your Hair Straight In Record TimeHair Straightener BrushAmazon

If your current hair styling routine entails spending upwards of 20 minutes washing your hair, you’ll love this ingenious hair-straightening brush. The brush appears somewhat like a standard flat iron, except it has 24 triangular teeth which straighten hair while detangling it. The brush has five heat settings, and only takes 60 minutes to achieve the highest 410 degrees Fahrenheit. “Being a licensed cosmetologist, I’ve used so many different types of styling tools, and this is by far my favorite!” one Amazon reviewer raved.

37. These Refillable Perfume Bottles Are Perfect For TravelingGolf Travel-Sized Refillable Perfume Bottles (Set Of 6)Amazon

Perfume bottles are too big to bring on an airplane, but it doesn’t mean that you will need to go next time you are traveling. This adorable set of six refillable perfume bottles comes with two miniature filters, which makes it effortless to pour your favorite scents into the bottles without spilling them. Each bottle holds 6 milliliters of liquid, and will spray your scents with a fine mist.

38. These Portable Cleaning Sticks To Bring The Sparkle Back To Your Favorite Jewelry Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik Jewelry Cleaner (3 Pack)Amazon

If you do clean your jewelry, you might not realize what a difference it could make. These mobile jewelry cleaning sticks dispense a safe, effective jewelry cleaning solution when you twist them, then you can polish away any dust, dirt, and dirt using the special cleaning brush at the tip. “I knew my ring was dirty, but after using this product I was amazed at what my ring was supposed to look like,” one Amazon reviewer marveled. “It gave it all of its shine and sparkle back. “

39. A Microfiber Hair Towel That Will Cut The Time It Takes To Dry Your Hair In HalfFast-Drying Microfiber Hair Towel Amazon

Why purchase this microfiber hair towel wrap when you can just use a good old fashioned terrycloth bath towel? I’m glad you asked. Microfibers absorb seven times their own weight in water, meaning that this towel will have your hair 70 percent dry in only 15 minutes. That means less time with your blow dryer, which can fry and damage your strands. Additionally, terrycloth may also cause breakage and split ends and creates friction, which can make your hair watertight.

40. A Nifty Label Maker Will Have You Labeling Anything And Everything Brother Label MakerAmazon

There is something about printing labels that’s just fun. With this ultra-luxe label manufacturer , that’s more true than ever because it has lots of customization options to create totally unique labels. Play with 97 frames, 14 fonts, 10 styles, and over 600 symbols. You may even make tags with fun patterns. The label manufacturer has a one-touch keyboard that easy to use, and a screen that lets you preview your label before printing. It is battery-operated, or you can purchase an adapter to plug it.

41. A Heat-Proof Silicone Mat That Has A Million Different UsesMulti-Purpose Heat-Resistant Silicone Mat (2 Pack)Amazon

When it comes to possible uses for these heat-proof silicone mats, the limit does not exist. Use one to grab a bowl from the microwave, place them over pots or pans to prevent splatters, set one with your hot styling tools to protect your countertops. They are designed to keep things and can withstand temperatures up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. This set comes with a single 10-inch and one 12-inch mat. They are made from food-safe, BPA-free silicone, and are non-stick and dishwasher-safe.

42. A Screen Door That Uses Magnets To Shut Automatically Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen DoorAmazon

If your household struggles to keep doors shut in the summer, this ingenious magnetic screen door will stop mosquitos, flies, and other insects from getting unwelcome house guests. The mesh screen is split down the middle, with a row of magnets at the center. People and pets can easily walk through the magnets will immediately pull the screen back together after they’ve passed. The screen will only fit doors which measure 38 inches so it is a good idea to measure yours.

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