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‘This is CAP’: TikToker claims her 10-month-old spent $10,000 on Tesla upgrade


TikTok user @user8124675217369 posted a movie saying her 10-month-old infant upgraded her Tesla into the whole self-driving bundle through the Tesla program. 

The TikTok has gathered over 1 million viewpoints and almost 200,000 enjoys. 


The creator maintained she didn’t know about the purchase before checking her bank statements, but it was too late to cancel since the purchase becomes overvalued following 48 hours. 

This was a $10,837.50 purchase. 

The creator didn’t look mad that her infant allegedly uttered around ten grand, but audiences couldn’t believe it. 

One user remarked, “Lmao this is CAP,” to what the creator responded it’s maybe not. Although, a few users teased the people who thought it was real, implying that the video was obviously a joke.

“people r so dense,” one person wrote, and the TikToker enjoyed their opinion.

The common question was how the infant was able to make such a purchase. 

“Why you allow a 10 month old about a IPad lmao probably wouldn’t’ve occurred if u hung out with him” just one viewer remarked. 

Others appreciated the sheer bend of not discovering this expensive purchase. 

“My man just flexing that he spent 10k and ‘didn’t even notice,’& & rdquo; a single user said. 

Another remarked, “But envision owning 10k in bank rather than discovering that lol. ”

The creator didn’t respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment by the time of publication. 

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