Home News This Tesla Powerwall owner didn’t realize there was a blackout amid intense heat wave

This Tesla Powerwall owner didn’t realize there was a blackout amid intense heat wave

This Tesla Powerwall owner didn’t realize there was a blackout amid intense heat wave

A Tesla Powerwall 2 owner is thanking his home battery system once it allowed him and his family to remain cool and comfortable even though having a widespread blackout in the middle of a heat wave a week at Sydney, Australia.

After power was cut at his place, homeowner Carl Prins received a text message in his Tesla mobile program informing him that his Powerwall 2 battery was mode. As the Sydney resident could later determine, around 45,000 properties in the city’s suburbs were without power at the time, due to a power outage caused by overgrown weeds around an electric substation.

Over the span of the roughly blackout, Prins kept cool with his home’s air conditioners. In addition, he watched TV while taking good care of his infant daughter. The homeowner noted in an announcement to The Sydney Morning Herald that his machine ’s transition from grid electricity to battery was really seamless, he did not even notice that there was a power outage.

“I didn realize that the power had gone , but I got a text telling from the program to say that it was now in copy mode. ” 

Last Thursday’s power outage hit Sydney at 11:26 a.m, directly in the middle of a heatwave. Council solutions were disrupted by the blackout and abandoned medical facilities running on backup generators. Even those built but without the capacity to store the energy, houses were forced to wait out the blackout. Power was restored to all affected areas from 12:37 p.m., just more than an hour following the outage started.

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The Sydney homeowner was unaffected as his house was fitted using solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery, that stores excess energy and performs load changing to optimize energy cost savings. With this method, Prins remarked that he and his family members would have been required to go to a shopping center or a library to keep cool.

“We would have had to get in the car and visit Westfield shopping center along with the library to stay cool,” he stated.  

The Tesla Powerwall 2 features a 13.5 kWh lithium ion battery also retails for approximately AU$12,000 (approximately US$8,500) in Australia. Prins’ home battery system has been set up last September following five weeks on a waiting list. The homeowner noticed that his Powerwall has resulted in energy savings, together with his power bills now roughly AU$600 (approximately US$420) per year in contrast to AU$4,000 (approximately US$2,800) per year before the battery’s installation.

The usage of solar power for residential properties continues to acquire more widespread in Australia, with an estimated 200,000 homes having solar panels. Around 20,000 of these homes are anticipated to be outfitted with battery storage alternatives like the Tesla Powerwall 2. The Powerwall 2 battery is also an integral component of Tesla’s intended 50,000-strong Virtual Power Plant for South Australia. 

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