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Thor Rig With Two V12s And 3,974 HP Sells For Whopping $13.2 Million


The crazed huge rig called ‘Thor24’ that we wrote in last week marketed for a remarkable $12 million at an auction in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia over the weekend, plus a 10 per cent buyer’s premium to get a closing $13.2 million figure.

Maybe due to the simple fact that the creation was unique, Worldwide Auctioneers didn’t publicize an estimated sales price on its own record of the vehicle. Road and Track accounts that constructing the significant rig cost approximately $7 million thus the guy supporting the creation, Mike Harrah, walked off with quite a healthy profit.

From Another World: ‘Thor’ Truly Is, The Superhero Of Big Rigs With Two (!) V12 Diesel Engines. And You Can Buy it

The powertrain of Thor24 is something to behold. A set of 13.9-liter Detroit diesel V12 engines have been organized in a row and now there are now less than 12 superchargers attached to the blocks to create a combined 3,974 hp, reportedly sufficient to ship the 32,000 pounds (14,514 kg) truck through to a 130 miles (209 km/h) top speed. Another part of the truck’s layout is the simple fact that each cylinder has its very own exhaust header also there’s a couple of NOS bottles.

Unbeknownst to anyone who isn’t a significant rig enthusiast, Thor24 was originally a Peterbilt 359 crew taxi semi that was stretched to 44 feet. Most exterior components have been washed in chrome or polished aluminum, including the driveline, tanks, brakes, and lots of frame components.

Making the sales price more impressive is that the car wasn’t sent to Saudi Arabia for the auction and available to look at in person. On the contrary, it remains in Arizona where it was constructed. If the winning bidder will happen to live in the Middle East, anticipate the big rig to generate the very long journey halfway across the planet from the not too distant future. We don’t imagine transporting this thing will be cheap…

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