Top news and market movers ⚡ this week: 2nd Oct’ 20



Best news

US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for Covid-19. S&P 500 fell down by 0.96percent Friday after the information came out. 

IPOs continue to gain traction in the markets. IPO of Mazagon Dock has been oversubscribed by 157 times this past week. On the flip side, Chemcon and CAMS debuted with stellar listing day gains of 115% and 23% respectively, over issue cost. 

Principal Mutual Fund has established the NFO for Principal Large Cap. The fund will invest in a diversified portfolio consisting of equity and equity related securities of Large Cap companies such as derivatives. The NFO closes on 12 October.

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund has established the NFO for Mirae Asset Ultra Short Duration. The finance will mainly invest in portfolios composed of cash & money market instruments.The NFO closes October.

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Index Returns


NIFTY 505.7%0.5%5.2percent 33.23.2

NIFTY NEXT 506.0%0.0%-0.4%35.93.7

S&P BSE SENSEX5.9%1.0%7.3percent 28.52.9

S&P BSE SmallCap5.7percent 15.4%-2.4percent -319.42.1

S&P BSE MidCap6.3percent 6.6%-1.4percent 507.32.3

NASDAQ 1000.9percent 48.8%23.4percent 36.48.0

S&P 5001.5percent 15.9%9.8percent 26.03.7

Best Performers

Mutual Funds1W1Y3Y

Tata Resources & Energy9.5percent 23.4%7.0%

Sundaram Financial Services Op…8.4percent -14.2%0.3%

UTI Banking & Financial Serv…8.3percent -22.1%-7.9%

ABSL Banking & Financial Se…8.0percent -18.0%-4.7%

Nippon India Banking 7.8percent -22.8%-7.2%

ELSS Tax Saving Funds1W1Y3Y

Axis Long Term Equity6.7%1.8%7.8%

Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity6.4percent -5.1%0.70%

JM Tax Gain6.4percent -1.8%4.3%

UTI Long Term Equity6.1%6.7%4.9%

Quantum Tax Saving 6.0percent -1.3%-0.4%

Stocks (BSE 200)1W1Y5Y

Adani Green Energy27.0percent 1182.5percent NA

Apollo Hospitals15.0percent 49.6%7.9%

Indusind Bank 12.2percent -57.1%-9.9%

Cholamandalam12.0percent -16.3%14.5%

Zee Entertainment 11.6percent -19.3%-10.9%

Worst Performers

Mutual Funds1W1Y3Y

HSBC Brazil-5.1%-32.3%-9.3%

Nippon India Japan Equity-1.4percent NANA

Nippon India Nivesh Lakshya-0.7%11.4percent NA

Nippon India Dynamic Bond-0.3percent 8.9%7.2%

Tata Gilt Securities 0.0%8.7%7.4%

Stocks (BSE 200)1W1Y5Y

Bharat Petroleum -8.9%-24.8%10.9%


Container Corpn-5.5%-41.1%-3.7%

UPL -5.0%-16.2%11.5%

Punjab National Bank -4.6percent -54.8%-26.5%

Bought and Sold

Bought on kuvera.in1W1Y3Y

Parag Parikh LTE5.5percent 25.7%13.6%

Axis Bluechip5.5%1.9%10.9%

Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip5.9percent 12.4%8.50%

UTI Nifty Index5.7%1.0%6.20%

Axis Mid Cap 5.3percent 15.7%13.0%

According to kuvera.in1W1Y3Y

ABSL Equity5.9percent 3.10%2.70%

ICICI Prudential Bluechip5.3percent -0.7%4.2%

HDFC Equity5.2percent -10.2%0.0%

L&T Emerging Businesses5.5percent 1.2%-2.4%

Franklin India Bluechip 6.2percent -2.8%0.1%

Many Watchlisted 

Mutual Fund Watchlist1W1Y3Y

Tata Digital India5.7percent 33.4%28.8%

PGIM India Global Equity Opp…3.4percent 64.5%27.4%

Parag Parikh LTE5.5percent 25.7%13.6%

Franklin India Feeder US Opp…4.7percent 46.2%25.8%

ICICI Prudential Technology 4.7percent 39.6%27.1%

Stocks Watchlist1W1Y5Y

Reliance Industries-0.3%68.6%39.5%


TCS2.3percent 20.2%15.4%

HDFC Bank5.7percent -9.8%16.2%

ITC -1.0%-34.2%-1.6%

US Stocks Watchlist1W1Y5Y


Amazon-0.4percent 82.4%42.5%


Tesla-0.4percent 753.2%53.0%

Facebook 0.9percent 48.8%23.1%

Info Source: NSE, BSE &

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