Top news and market movers ⚡ this week: 5th Mar’ 21



Top news

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has retained the rate of interest at 8.5percent for the fiscal year 2020-21.

SEBI in a circular on Mutual Funds has laid down a procedure for modification in control of AMC in addition to other parameters such as investment pattern, yearly reports for unitholders, undertaking from Trustees etc  for standardisation of mutual fund strategies.

HSBC Mutual Fund and DSP Mutual Fund have established the NFO for HSBC Global Equity Climate Change Fund of Fund and DSP Floater Fund. The NFOs close on March 17.

Shares of Heranba Industries got listed at a premium of 44% more than itrsquo;s no issue cost of Rs 627 while MTAR Technologies IPO got oversubscribed by 201 times.

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Index Returns


NIFTY 502.8%33.9%13.0%39.74.1

NIFTY NEXT 502.2%33.7%7.0%38.54.6

S&P BSE SENSEX2.7%30.9%14.3%33.93.3

S&P BSE SmallCap3.9%53.9%5.4%NA2.7

S&P BSE MidCap3.0%41.2%8.1%55.92.9

NASDAQ 100-1.9%46.0%22.5%37.18.0

S&P 5000.8%27.0%12.2%31.24.2

Best Performers

Mutual Funds1W1Y3Y

SBI Magnum COMMA4.7%55.1%11.9%

HSBC Infrastructure Equity4.5%52.8%-4.4%

Nippon India Small Cap4.3%54.8%10.4%

Tata Infrastructure4.2%39.8%7.9%

BOI AXA Manufacturing & Infra… 4.1%47.5%7.6%

ELSS Tax Saving Funds1W1Y3Y

Axis Long Term Equity4.0%27.6%16.6%

ABSL Tax Relief963.5%25.8%9.9%

Mahindra Mutual Kar Bachat3.4%35.6%10.9%

Indiabulls Tax Saving3.3%25.8%7.10%

Kotak Tax Saver 3.2%32.2%15.2percent

Stocks (Top 200 by market cap)1W1Y5Y

Adani Gas39.9%437.0%NA

Adani Transmission10.0%225.6%92.2%

Adani Enterprises7.9%313.8%72.4%

HDFC AMC6.9%4.6%NA

Avenue Supermarts 6.6%49.6%NA

Worst Performers

Mutual Funds1W1Y3Y

PGIM India Global Equity Opp…-5.5%59.0%30.7%

Edelweiss Greater China Equity…-5.3%61.3%24.8%

DSP World Gold-5.3%11.3%16.0%

IDBI Gold-5.2%0.6%11.7%

DSP World Mining -5.0%62.0%17.8percent

Stocks (Top 200 by market cap)1W1Y5Y

Bank of India-11.1%59.5%-4.0%

Bank of Baroda-10.3%10.0%-11.3%

Indus Towers-8.9%12.8%-2.5%

Bharti Airtel-8.1%3.0%12.4%

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise -6.8%64.3%15.6percent

Bought and Sold

Bought on kuvera.in1W1Y3Y

Parag Parikh Flexi Cap1.0%42.6%18.1%

Axis Bluechip3.5%25.8%18.5%

UTI Nifty Index2.8%33.4%14.1%

Kotak Equity Arbitrage0.1%4.3%5.9%

Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 FoF -4.5%41.3%NA

According to kuvera.in1W1Y3Y

SBI Healthcare Opportunities1.2%51.7%17.7%

Sundaram Services1.9%28.6%NA

Axis Arbitrage0.1%4.1%5.9%

L&T Emerging Businesses3.3%41.3%4.1%

Franklin India Smaller Companies 3.2%43.2%5.4percent

Most Watchlisted 

Mutual Fund Watchlist1W1Y3Y

PGIM India Global Equity Opp…-5.5%59.0%30.7%

Tata Digital India3.9%65.6%28.0%

Parag Parikh Flexi Cap1.0%42.6%18.1%

Axis Bluechip3.5%25.8%18.5%

IPRU Technology 3.2%81.5%27.9percent

Stocks Watchlist1W1Y5Y

Reliance Industries1.6%64.2%34.7%

Adani Green Energy3.7%669.7%NA


Tata Consultancy Services1.1%45.2%22.1%

HDFC Bank -4.7%33.1%25.0percent

US Stocks Watchlist1W1Y5Y



GameStop Corp35.4%3413.8%34.6%

Microsoft Corporation-0.3%43.4%34.8percent

Statistics Source: NSE, BSE &

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