Uber employees working on self-driving cars feel their cars are safer but their careers are stuck, according to leaked employee survey



Uber self-driving carBusiness Insider/Danielle Muoio

Each six weeks, Uber conducts an employee survey.
Business Insider has witnessed the outcomes of the most recent poll for the 1,100-employee self-driving vehicle unit introduced to employees earlier this past week.
Most employees praised the unit’s renewed focus on safety as the company puts its cars back on the public road for testing this week in Pittsburgh, after a deadly crash in 2018 benched the automobiles for the majority of the year.
However they also complained of becoming stressed and feeling as though they had no future there.

Uber is sending its self-driving cars back on the public road this week in Pittsburgh, having a whole new set of restored safety procedures plus also a great deal of public claims to further mend its safety culture after one of the autonomous automobiles killed a pedestrian again in March. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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