Home News Unemployed for a year. Previous Tesla Intern. Have had a few interviews but still nothing locked up.

Unemployed for a year. Previous Tesla Intern. Have had a few interviews but still nothing locked up.


Context: Left prior company with fantastic evaluations and references, but due to financial constraint the business was assigning supplies to students. Was invited to perform another internship if I wanted to pursue grad faculty. Not related to performance, sadly a matter of circumstance.

Life happened. Automobiles filed for divorce, took off some time to assist them sort out stuff. Currently been jobless for the past calendar year.

Job Market: Started seriously seeming. Have obtained interviews in several businesses. Including one flying me out to SF and performing a total of six interviews over the span of one month, ultimately choosing to go with a candidate with experience. I am having an extremely difficult time hearing from amateurs when implementing online. The only interviews I purchased were from in-person or referrals meetings in job fairs (This can be life I guess ). I am networking my ass off, with coffee meetings with individuals all but still haven't secured up anything. The oddest part about all this is anytime I meet with someone in the industry, 9/10 they say I'm very amazed you haven't I would engage you in a moment!

Have a couple recent impending referrals but have been passed over a couple times now. I understand the amount of competition at those firms is very high, before getting in, and most people interview 2-3 days. I have the grit to continue but need an view of my resume.

Interview Note: The Collectible Entrepreneur section of my resume has been amazing for tech businesses which value entrepreneurial-scrapiness. Every PM or hiring manager that I have spoken with deeply significance that section and have told me to not take it off. I make a version of my resume for smaller businesses which are currently looking for candidates that are linear.

Looking to enter the world of Product Management or Data Analytics. Wallpaper is in Business but hands on experience is in technology. So a very candidate that has proven to be a blessing and a curse.

Let me know what you think. Roast off!


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