Unmarked Mustang GT Police Car Nabs Honda Accord Trying To Race A Tesla Model 3



The driver of a silver Honda Accord has been filmed getting pulled by an unmarked police vehicle in Florida while seemingly attempting to race a Tesla Model 3 off the lights.

If you skip the video below ahead to the 1:10 mark, then you will understand a Tesla Model 3 sitting Honda Accord next to it. Directly supporting the Honda is a Ford Mustang GT.

If the light turns green, the Tesla motorist mashes the throttle, starting off the line in the way just an electric car can. While the Tesla driver settles into the rate limit, the Accord moves him and catches up.

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Moments later, the Mustang GT comes into view as well as much to the dismay of this Honda’therefore driver, has red and blue flashing lights. Seethis is an unmarked police car that from the exterior looks like every Mustang. Provided that the Ford attracts within the Honda.

We can’t say whether the driver of the Accord was hit with a good nor exactly how fast they were driving once they sped past the Tesla. The Honda driver was left a small red-faced following the Tesla Model 3 cruised ago while he was pulled over.

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