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Video: Alfa Romeo 4C drag races MINI JCW Roadster


Comparing an Alfa Romeo 4C to essentially anything else available now is an unfair process. This ’s because the Italians made a special car, one that offers performance in a compact package with a small engine. However, the video below pits the Alfa against the other interesting car, one that is no longer in production, ” the MINI JCW Roadster.

The Roadster was shot some time back along with the reason was obvious: reduced earnings. The Roadster was a favorite of mine in the MINI stove but I know why it had been stopped. The more traditional Convertible model is a bit more functional and nearly as much pleasure, and it offered in greater amounts. Back in JCW guise you’d also get over 200 HP out of its 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that was decent for such a small car.

In the video below we all get to observe that the Roadster JCW going up against the Alfa Romeo 4C in an drag race. There therefore a bit of a twist at play. In drag racing, the big differentiator is that the ability to weight ratio. The MINI JCW Roadster uses a search engine inside this video, one that was taken around 270 HP, also a noticeable increase over the stock amounts. At the identical time, the Alfa was stock, meaning that its 1.75-liter engine produces 240 HP.

The Alfa comes with an automatic gearbox and is also milder and also rear-wheel drive, with launch control. The MINI is a guide and so, a great deal will depend on the abilities of the man behind the wheel. Fortunately, that he ’s been driving the car for quite a long time and likely knows it really well. The video also contains a few launches from the Alfa without launch control. Allow ’s see what happened.

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