Video: Tesla Model 3 Performance take on M3 and other rivals on track



‘It all began with a seems to be a more and more common phrase nowadays. Though it s true But it s not a cliche and in the case of this movie posted under it’s is Elon Musk’s. This year, he realised the Tesla Model 3 Performance will continue and beat every other car in the segment. Needless to say, this was a bold claim against cars such as the BMW M3 and also Mercedes-AMG C63 S but once again, the electrical powertrain of this Model 3 did make it a favored.

The guys from Top Gear took that to the center and opted to test things out, together with the Chris Harris behind the wheel. Earlier this year we watched the cars in a haul race where, surprisingly, the Mercedes-AMG C63 S won. I’ll have to point out that the working distance was raised to give cars a chance against the immediate torque of this Tesla. That was a win for internal combustion engined cars.

But they didn’t stop there. They pushed for a few more tests and this week the movie of the challenges the Model 3 Performance was placed through was printed on Youtube. The cars that went contrary to the Tesla comprised an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV also, one of the very finest in the segment at this time. It was the Italian which conducted contrary to the American in the experiment evaluation, since it was deemed more nimble than the M3 by Chris Harris.

And the Model 3 was able to conquer the Alfa on the agility class a second, although Harris does point out that it felt a whole lot more heavy and less composed. The torque helped the competition is conquered by it though and the final outcome showed it. So where does this leave us? Well, it looks like the Model 3 Performance produced such a good impression, Harris tweeted that he would get one to get familiar with vehicles.