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VW Annoyed With China’s Beetle Clone, Chevy’s 9000 RPM Corvette Z06, New Lancia 037-Based Supercar, Tesla Autopilot Tricked: Your Morning Brief


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Consumer Reports Gets Tesla Model Y To Drive Without Anyone Behind The Wheel

Following Elon Musk denied Autopilot was activated in the Model S crash that killed two guys in Texas lately, neither of whom had been driving, Consumer Reports test group detected it’s possible to deceive a Tesla into thinking the motorist ’therefore seat has been occupied.

New Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Tipped To Deliver 617 HP From Screaming V8

The latest intel on the hot ‘vette indicates it’ll come equipped with a 5.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 featuring a flat-plane twist for a 9000rpm redline and proper supercar-style soundtrack.

Discover The Ins And Outs Of The Intriguing Hyundai Pony EV

Even the Ioniq 5’s interior designer helped create an EV restomod from an original Hyundai Pony for display in the business ’s Motostudio center in Korea, and this movie gives us our best look yet.

FIA Announces The Creation Of New Electric GT Racing Series

EV technologies is arriving to GT3 cars if the FIA gets its own way. Plans are in motion to create a new racing series for 2 – and – four-wheel drive electric automobiles. Each will have no longer than 577 hp and rapid 700 kW charging will maintain pit-stop occasions low.

Legendary Lancia 037 Returns As A Modern Supercar From Kimera Automobili

A respected Lancia resto store is building a new variant of the legendary 037 – the past two-wheel drive automobile to win the WRC. The 2.0-liter engine gets both a supercharged and a turbocharger, just like the original, and creates 550 hp. Just 37 will be built, each costing around $600,000.

This Crumpled And Burnt Mess Used To Be A Ford GT — And It’s For Sale!

If you thought $350-400,000 worth had made your GT-owning dream hopeless, don’t worry: ” ’t got you covered. This one requires a bit work, however a few thousand Sundays need to see it back to its very best.

VW Lawyers Looking Into Great Wall’s ORA Electric Beetle Rip-Off From Shanghai Auto Show

Bear in Mind the mad Punk Cat Beetle clone from last weekend’s Shanghai Auto Show? It sounds like Volkswagen didn’t appreciate Great Wall cribbing the iconic Bug’s design, and it has instructed its attorneys to look into the issue.

Chevrolet Trademarks “Cheyenne” In U.S., Could Maverick Fighter Be Coming?

Hyundai’s Santa Cruz and Ford’s new Maverick are already poised to kickstart to the light truck sector. However, is Chevy going to combine them? This ’therefore what some fans believe following Chevrolet trademarked its historic Cheyenne name.

What Else Is Making The News

SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Fraudster Racer Scott Tucker

Jalopnik reports that a new court ruling was made it even more challenging for the Federal Trade Commission to induce the Le Mans driver and team owner to repay money earned via a illegal payday loan enterprise.

Ares Panther Updated – Reborn De Tomaso Pantera Gets Fake Manual ‘Box

The Lamborghini Huracan-based retro supercar was updated with a new exhaust system and wheels, plus a fake H-pattern equipment selector for its seven-speed twin-clutch transmission, shows Evo Magazine.

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