VW Golf GTI TCR Subjected To Real-World Acceleration Tests



The touring car racing-inspired TCR is the most powerful version of the Golf GTI everbefore. Volkswagen unveiled it and shortly afterwards hosted the official media driveway in Portugal.

This usually means that people ’re going to find a whole lot of testimonials . For the time being, however, we now ’ll watch a different sort of evaluation that focuses only on the real world acceleration of all VW’s latest hot hatch.

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Filmed on a closed street, the movie indicates the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) run, both without and with the Launch Control function. According to the automaker, it will the spring at 5.6 seconds, or 0.6 seconds quicker compared to Golf GTI Performance.

With 290 PS (286 hp / / 213 kW) made from the 2.0-liter four, it’s ’s easy to comprehend why the Golf GTI TCR easily bests the 245 PS (242 HP) Performance. Even though its output also brings it dangerously near to the 300 PS (295 HP) Golf R, however, the latter’s all-wheel drive program gives it an edge over the FWD-only TCR, letting it perform exactly the identical run in only 4.7 seconds and justifies its €2,225 ($2,530) premium in Germany, in which the TCR starts at €38,950 ($44,288).

OK, enough with numbers – allow ’s observe the GTI TCR fares in states and just how much of a difference the electronics make in such a test.

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