VW Group Helps AB Dynamics Complete Eight-Vehicle Swarm Test



Automotive test systems provider AB Dynamics has collected a demonstration showing the best number of vehicles to be synchronized in a “swarm evaluation ”.

You will find seven automated cars in complete, synchronized with an Ego vehicle (test car), on location in the Nardo Technical Center in Italy. They conducted through scenarios such as one-meter near proximity cut-ins, and 130 km/h (80 mph) high-speed conducts.

In general, 152 evaluations were carried out over 11 days, assisted by a robust communication platform permitting AB Dynamics’ Synchro management system to accurately move the test vehicles utilizing dual-band IP radio technician.

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“These evaluations were far more complex than a Euro NCAP scenario which typically involves one particular target vehicle and a directed soft target,” said AB Dynamics senior scientist, Leo Evans. “In the actual world, interactions often involve a number of vehicles but running several automated vehicles in near proximity has questioned the industry till now, meaning human motorists were often used rather than ”

“Unfortunately, private motorists, however highly skilled, cannot always produce the repeatability needed to completely research system behaviour, so electronic control is essential to get rid of variation between evaluations. ”

During evaluations, four of the vehicles were under robot management , two under drive-by-wire controller, one AB Dynamics global soft target (GST) and also the Ego automobile.

“As the automotive industry increasingly moves from ADAS testing and validation to full vehicle freedom, the need to restrain traffic swarms faithfully under different test situations will become even more significant,” added that the firm ’s sales boss Jeremy Ash. “The Nardo evaluations have demonstrated that we have the capability and all the tools set up to do this now. ”

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